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Nagaoka MP 11 Reviews

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Nagaoka MP 11

Nagaoka MP 11

9/10 by j59j

Superb value for the money, at the time I bought one. The 'standard' one was very good - still got mine - but the Boron was a truly excellent upgrade (I preferred it to the Gold) lifting the performance way beyond its price point. Just wish I'd kept my Boron stylus replacement.

9/10 by Naggy

I have the mp11 gold boron.lovely balanced sound. Not bright or laid-back, excellent soundstage, sounds much better in my technics direct drive than my rega belt driven. Instruments have crisp stop start, so really clear sound. Rare gold boron is terrific.

10/10 by ofi

10/10 by rockdove

superb budget cartridge. Excellent detail & dynamics, punchy bass too.
Only criticism is the very high CU value, which upset some arms with warped lp's.

10/10 by vintagevinyllover

10/10 by rileyj5

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