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Linn K 9 Reviews

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Linn K 9

Linn K 9

7/10 by DrMike

Do you have one of these in a cupboard?
Well the good news is that thes cartridges are a metal bodied version of an AT cart with a better stylus profile.
If you can afford an AT VMN95 ML or SH stylus I heartily recommend you get one, fit it to your K9 body install and marvel at the definition, tracking, improved soundstage and musicality.
Be warned though these styli take a while to break in ( 50 hrs+) but track exceptionally well at 2G the ML also has a long stylus life with minimal record wear.

2/10 by krellpam1

It’s not to bad but much better a k18 sounds much better.

6/10 by JaS

Overly bright and overpriced compared to the Audio Technica cartridges it was based on.

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