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Cartridge Reviews: 2005

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Linn K 18 Reviews

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Linn K 18

Linn K 18

10/10 by maz1957

I am not a linn fan but this is really a very good cartridge much better in my view than Linns moving coils dare I say it well done Linn.

8/10 by krellpam1

This is a nice moving magnet cartridge much better than the K9 and I would say even better than a Linn Asak. I had mine for a while on an LP12 and Ittok LV111 mk2.

8/10 by jdubbie

I bought this cartridge new at the same time as my Linn LP12 with Ekos tonearm. I expected to trade up to a better cart but never did. I have since replaced it on the LP12 with a Denon high-output moving coil cartridge, which sounds good, maybe marginally better than the K18. It's certainly better because it is newer. The K18 doesn't sound bad, but it's had hours and hours of play. I have heard but cannot confirm that the K18 was made by Audio Technica for Linn. It sure looks like an AT. I have read on forums that people have successfully mounted other AT styli on the K18, but there is no precise match. I have experience with a variety of contemporary AT cartridges and it certainly sounds like part of the family. In its heyday I would say the K18 was somewhere between an AT-120 and AT-150. I still use it on a Dual 1019. Perhaps I am conservative (or lack enthusiasm) but 4 stars is as high I would rate anything I have owned, leaving some room to move up to a Koetsu or some such! In short, the K18 was a great cartridge. I wish I'd bought a replacement stylus for it.

7/10 by eddy1954

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