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Linn Asaka Reviews

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Linn Asaka

Linn Asaka

3/10 by maz1957

I bought one after my supex 900s needed replacing, magazines said this was the one to go for. What a mistake bass had little definition midrange was good but treble was sometimes hard and gritty seems like the reviewers were in the pockets of linn products many cartridges are much better.

8/10 by gabor1211

I have no direct comparison to other Linn carts so did no A-B tests. However, having quite a long experience in analog audio and having a revealing system I can make some observations.
The Asaka is an upgraded version of the older Asak ( that I know relatively well ) with better tracking ability and less resonance housing. I think the generator is the same except for cantilever /stylus assembly.
Soundwise it is a much clearer sounding Asak, more separation and air while maintaining the latter's music flowing nature. Not too critical to loading but take care to use it in a mid-mass (12-18g) arm. It is a bit on the analytical side, not as romantic like a Benz but successfully avoids that kind of boringness which is a good thing in longer use. Worth the price.

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