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Cartridge Reviews: 2005

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Linn Adikt Reviews

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Linn Adikt

Linn Adikt

2/10 by maz1957

Much better to find a linn k18 mk2 a much better cartridge or a Denon dl110 avoid this like the plague I am mistified about the other comments but the Linn K18 is a very nice cartridge.

7/10 by MonkeyBoy

This showed how good the new One step pressings from MOFI are but it has tracking problems on some records and show sibilance on a couple of others, including all three of my pressings of Janis Ian's Between The Lines. Used on a Rega RB303 arm and a Jelco 250 arm (a happier marriage than with the Rega). A good cartridge, but the tonearm has to be chosen with care. One nice thing about it is the front part of the cartridge can be removed when you need a new stylus. It isn't cheap ($350 at this time) but the stylus WILL be correctly lined up in the cartridge, of that you can have no doubt. It's already mounted in the front half of the body! Sadly the soundstage is a bit narrow, but all in all a good cartridge.

9/10 by magman888

I was using a V15III but this is much better on my Thorens TD125 / Linn Akito, better resolution, imaging and pace.

9/10 by tapestry38

Up graded from a Linn K5, had some difficulty bending back the gold pins where it connects to the Akito tone arm, but excellent result.

8/10 by Miguelon

Very good and not so pricey. It replaced my old Shure V15 typeIV, and made a big difference. Nice cart.

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