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Grado Prestige Gold Reviews

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Grado Prestige Gold

Grado Prestige Gold

9/10 by realgoodsound

Amazingly warm, silky sound. Good tracking ability, although falls a bit short on the 1812 with real cannon (many do). Only downside: tends to pick up hum on many tables. Perfect for my Pioneer PL-516; not so good on my Dual CS5000. That's the only reason I mark it down.

7/10 by richard37

Nice, only the height is a bit of a problem, since the the former owner dodn't install the michell height adjust and the whole is to narrow , but after a couples of useless michell buys and making the hole larger , it sounds way better then the 2mred, only that was on an other tt with different pre-amp amp and speakers and phono-amp,. The 2mred allways sounded cranky and high, without a full mid or low on order tables. This sounds like music, you don't have the urgue to play loud, it's nice as it is.
Those plastic builds , i am never goona like, but it's good value for the money

9/10 by rauljazz77

Excellent cartridge, I have in my Linn LP12. I listen to classic jazz and sounds incredible, very detailed and musical

5/10 by Cornholio the Gringo

Grado are one of My favorite pick-ups, and I like the warmth sound it gives on My HIFI system.

8/10 by Lemesee

I agree with the person who said Grados seem like they output less than mV spec. There is no way it is the 5mV specified on their website- I'd guess it to be closer to that of most high output MC's which is around 2.5mV The Grado comes to a similar point on my volume as my 2.5mV cartridges. The Grado Gold cartridge tonality is best described as a nice tube like sound, the midrange is exceptional- Jazz horns, Pop vocals, orchestral music all shine on the Grado gold. I find it to do well with various records and surface conditions. I don't understand the comment about it being finicky with surface condition, as I rate it to be above average there. An old article I read in Absolute sound really put it best when he says Grados make everything sound various shades of pleasant. Downside is below average tracking performance at the price, and a well documented susceptibility to hum from turntable motor or any magnetic field. The AT440 will certainly track better, especially on inner grooves, and it wont hum, but it is overall not as enjoyable to listen to as a Grado, with jazz records especially IMO.

10/10 by vinavil69

7/10 by adlpc

Good sounding cartridge but not equal or close to the less expensive Denon DL-160 or Audio-Technica AT-440ML. Very nice velvety mids, but bass is not extended, and highs are clear but somewhat diminished.


Definitely a lot of cart for the $$. Takes some care in setup to avoid boomy bass. Mids are outstanding, and separation is exceptional. Very tolerant of loading conditions.

8/10 by jimboyep

An 8/10 is based on using this cartridge on multiple turntables. With certain Denon's, there is a hum so it's important to research the cartridge database online to determine which Denon deck will work with this cartridge. I later installed this on my Sansui SR-838 and the results were far better but at certain higher frequencies, I heard a slight distortion... Especially in the vocals of Robert Plant and Jon Anderson which drove me nuts.

Lower grade vinyl is clearly evident with this cartridge... It will also pick up more surface noise then usual.

However, beyond that I think the cartridge does a great job of bringing the music to life. Give it some break in time before drawing any conclusions. You may just end up loving it.

10/10 by stueis

I've always liked the way it conveys music. I had the opportunity to compare it the Shure M91 with the HE stylus and the SAS. Also to the Shure M95ED with NOS stylus, and a Audio Technica AT120E. I don't dislike any of them they all have their pluses and few minuses given their prices.

8/10 by paolippe

A good classic. My Shure V15IV, Stanton CS 100, AT95E and Denon DL 103 make better.

10/10 by wolf1956

very precise and detailed, outstanding channel separation

10/10 by eliaselias_0

Best value for maney

8/10 by it_musiclover

Very good on my Pro-Ject 6 PerspeX with 9cc Evolution tonearm.

8/10 by sysopr

It sounds wonderful on my MicroSeiki with Grado Signature Tonearm

7/10 by jolen1aub

Has a good balanced frequency response IMHO. Great bottom end. Not as airy and transparent as my old faithful Pickering XSV3000. It hums toward the inner most tracks (on my LP12 and systemdek TT).

10/10 by guangui

Very warm and detailed, sibilances are kept to a minimum or non-existent, mids are incredible.

10/10 by jss1105

Very warm and musical. This is one of my favorite cartridges.

10/10 by obamanemesis

For the price, can't beat the sound. High quality cart. Highly recommend.

10/10 by seonghobang5860

looks like lower output than spec.Stepup with patrige trans(high voltage cart. channel)give
good sound.Sound color is attractive.

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