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Cartridge Reviews: 2011

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Grado Platinum1 Reviews

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Grado Platinum1

Grado Platinum1

10/10 by Harbeth30

Where do I start...when I got back into vinyl I tried the
Grado Black $80 on my Thorens TD160 with a Rega RB 300 arm.
The cart sounded ok but the hum drove me nuts.
So with lots of research I upgraded to an Ortofon Bronze... At first I was in love, quiet,detail with lots of punch... After a short time I noticed listening fatigue
creaping in. Two albums and I was done. I then found
a sweet deal on an Oracle Alexandria table with the Prelude arm, Put the Bronze on it and it was so digital and edgy one album was more then enough. This brings me to my new Holly Grail the Grado Reference Series Platinum 2. I picked it up used for $250. Guy said he only played 2 albums with it and it did look mint.
These carts like the VTA to be just right so you better be able to adjust on the fly or you could go crazy trying to find the sweet spot. I figure the previous owner didn't have that option and this cart can sound pretty flat if it not right on. O yes there is no hum, I listen to a lot of Jazz and Blues and this Cartridge just sounds so natural. The fatigue factor is gone yet I still hear as much or more detail then I heard with the Ortofon. Don't no how it's possible.
One day I'll move up to the Sonata but a friend did just that and said at double the price he wishes he didn't.
The Platinum 2 is that good !!

10/10 by Fatboyriding

So I appear to have some good fortune, in that I bought this cartridge at about half MRP, and having seen the other review was slightly concerned that I'd bought a pup! I too have set it up in an SME 3009 but haven't had any issues, in fact I'm really really impressed with this cartridge, and even at the normal price I would suggest it is rather good. It is being used on a Denon DP-3000, and sadly I now contrast and compare against my other TT which has a Koetsu Rosewood Signature, and no it isn't as good but it acquits itself very well. Big sound with punchy dynamics, excellent soundstage

3/10 by Snilsen

I had one and sold it promptly. I simply couldn't get it to track with a SME3009 on a Thorens. When it tracked it had a euphonic sound, like adding a little boxiness, that I might had gotten into had it not failed to set up. I'd call this a novelty.

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