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Grace F-8 Reviews

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Grace F-8

Grace F-8

10/10 by pvb_2004

Remarkable cartridge, does reproduce a very deep low frequencies and detailed highs without any sharpness, brings some sweetness to operatic vocal passages, one of the best MM

9/10 by dmorfois

Simply the best MM !
Cheap, extremely detailed, neutral, crystal clear, easy to set ! Simply the best MM you can find, vintage or brand new ! Yes, styli are not cheap and not easy to find. But, it’s really worth the effort ! My personal touch : remove the plastic body and replace it by a wooden one. Very close to the F9, much cheaper and much easier to install, less sensitive to record surface noise.

10/10 by Stefan.H

One of the best MM cartridges I´ve heard in my life.
I am proud owner of the F-8L and the F-8F. A view weeks ago I find some Level II Stylus, sold from an japanese dealer. The combination F-8F and the blue Level II Stylus is incredible.

10/10 by djohnfot

Quite simply one of the best MM cartridges of all time! Output is a bit low but servicable. Sound quality is great - neutral and accurate with no glaring deficiencies. It\'s sad that Grace is no longer with us (the current GRACE products are by a different company and are strictly low-end) and that replacement styli are not available. One must send them in to be retipped, as Soundsmith did for mine. I\'ve heard that with some modification a stylus for the Shure V15III can be used.

8/10 by pdxdennisj

The F-8L is an excellent cartridge, just a hair less good than the F-9E - if that. It is clearly out classed by my SoundSmith F-8L rebuild into a Ruby - that is just superb. Midrange is warm and true , it extracts massive amounts of inner detail, has a sweet but revealing high end and an entirely satisfying bottom end (without artificial bloat).

5/10 by fantasia

i would agree!!!, i have heard an F-9, very close

I have a DIY Franken Grace F-8/Shure V-15-3-HE ,it sounds very good!!!!! not bad for $40 Australian

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