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Goldring G-800 Reviews

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Goldring G-800

Goldring G-800

10/10 by Steve od

I have compared the G800 to some cheaper modern day cartridges, AT95E, Rega Carbon, AT91, and AT 3600L, all of which are very good. However whether it is because I used Nagaoka and Goldring in the 70’s and early 80’s none of them touches the quality of my G800.
This maybe as I am lucky and I have found a good arm and cartridge match, I have a Sansui P-50 turntable, budget in its day but better than many modern tables of today.
Rare for me but I am very content to leave this set up alone and stay solvent and spend my money on records, and try to stop looking for a sound I have already found.

10/10 by Naggy

Awesome ex BBC broadcast cart ...simply amazing deep, rich full sound ...if you have a higher end TT then buy one for fun, put Dark Side of the Moon on at 2g tracking force and you wil be AMAZED. Yes the basic conical stylus is just unbelievably good.

4/10 by caputto70

Got one with Goldring G-800H needle NOS. Sounded ok on my turntable. The sound was in my ears and my system avarage.

8/10 by doctor fuse

While not the last word in resolution and detail (how many times has a review used that phrase? Sorry for the lack of originality!), nor displaying the sweetest treble, richest midrange or deepest bass, this vintage cartridge still sounds quite smooth, musical and balanced.
Considering you can get a spherical needle for $25 CAD, and an elliptical (which makes it the G800E) for under $36, the G800 is still making music for little money. One of the great vinyl values that is still under the radar.

9/10 by tube_lism

UK Sound / BBC Style! Very soften and smooth sound.
Amazing vintage cartridge money can buy!

7/10 by desertdog

very good sounding cart in its day, wonder how it would compare with current carts

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