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Goldring Elite Reviews

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Goldring Elite

Goldring Elite

10/10 by Gigigirl

I have been after one of these for quite some time, after greatly enjoying their Eroica. I had stumbled on the cart's review on TNTaudio & became intrigued as the reviewer Torsten Losch, liked the cart but came up with loading recommendations that was completely against that set down by the manufacturer. I have the upmost respect for Torsten as I know his groundbreaking work on upgrading the EAR834 phono amp.
Aso at last I managed to get my hold on one & at a bargain price from the Bay. Well mounted to my Temaad Merlin Titanium 12” arm running into to the superbly quiet Pass Peal 2, Straight out of the box it sounded very, very good indeed (the orig owner advised it had done about 250 hrs), it was definitely a big set up from my Eroica LX. So after a couple of days of listening I figured I would implement Thorsten's recommendations. First I loaded the cart to 20 ohms, as at the time it was the lowest value I had on hand. Touched down for the stylus on one on my well known 180 gram remastered LP's & S***, this is like a cart that cost's $200+ more. Like a OM30 is a huge step up over the OM20. So yesterday, Saturday I visited the local parts stockist & bought the required 100 ohm resistors & 22 nF Polystyrene Capacitors. Quickly soldered the resistors into new loading plugs I use, the opened the RCA plug & solders in the Capacitors. Result Whammy one amazing cart that can easily trade blows with my Dyna XX1 or Rosewood. They all have have their own character, don't get me wrong. But what I am hearing from the Elite is so good I will not be in a hurry to change it out anytime soon.

10/10 by Alexis69

Great MC cartridge, excellent dynamic, refined sound and superb soundstage. Optimum with a Sme 3009 tonearm and a phono stage with impedance selector moving from its 100 Ohm natural impedance to 200,300 and even 1000 Ohm. Enormous value for money.

9/10 by budlark

9/10 by Rappi62

Compared with several MC systems, it offers a exellent dynamic and a astonishing high - definition playback.
Rate it in between 1200 - 1500 USD cartridges. Heard in SME3012R, AT1100s and Roxan Xerxes with Artemis.

9/10 by

Tried several similarly priced MC's in my Gyro SE with Origin Live arm, inc MC25FL. The Elite has a very tight, clean, detailed and dynamic sound. Love it.

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