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Goldring 1042 Reviews

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Goldring 1042

Goldring 1042

8/10 by patient_ot

Overall a very nice cart. Good tracker, excellent detail, neutral overall with spec'd loading. Works best with medium to med/high-mass arms, due to the compliance of the suspension. If you have a low-mass tonearm, I'd recommend looking at something else, maybe the Goldring 2000 series instead.

IME the 1042 has a long break in period and a fussy setup, but now that I've got things dialed in and the cartridge suspension has loosened up I'm enjoying it a lot. I'll just say that if you are unwilling to go the extra mile with setup, forget about this cartridge. I ended up having to adjust the azimuth a little bit and in order to get the VTA right, I had to switch headshells.

I found the cart tracked better at 2.0g rather than 1.7g. I had to experiment with anti-skate and ended up setting it with a CBS-STR 100 test record to get it right. Too much or too little and things will sound sibilant, especially during the run in period.

It's also a hot cart, with 6.5 MV output. That means you'll need to dial back phono preamp gain if you can, ideally to something around 34dB. If you can't do that, you'd better HOPE you phono preamp has a very generous overload margin. With one particular phono preamp I got excessively harsh sibilants and high frequencies along with a grainy overall sound, despite the fact that it sounded great with other cartridges. The 1042 led me to seek out a more robust phono preamp and I ended up with a Graham Slee Reflex M. This handles the 1042's high output with ease and the problems I had before went away.

Even though I like this cartridge a lot, I will admit the Gyger-S stylus on it doesn't track inner grooves *quite* as well a some of the Shibata and Microline/Microridge styli I've used. Whether that is due to the relatively stiff compliance of the 1042 or the Gyger-S stylus shape I cannot say.

One major downside is the U.S. pricing on this cartridge at the time of this writing. If you don't mind ordering it from Europe, you can get a much better price.

6/10 by tigerdog

I've fiddled with this cartridge off and on for years and simply cannot get it to make convincing, transparent music in my setup (Sota vacuum Star, Alphason 100, multiple preamps) It tracks OK, I'll give it that. But for me, the music lacks emotional content. I listen for decay after attack, air, reverberation and despite my efforts towards perfecting alignment (Dennisson soundtractor, several vertical alignment tools) the 1042 just seems to punch, then die, without the subtlties I heard with previous cartridges. The cartridge is also extremely sensitive to capacitive loading. The top end improved when I went to cables that measure in the 110pF range. In the end, I'm still not happy with it. Wish I could give it better marks.

9/10 by Big Al

Smooth, detailed, rich, musical. The best MM cartridge I have owned. Went back to this after a Dynavector 10x5 which didn't seem to work so well in my system.

10/10 by jazzcat

I had this on my 1976 LP12 fitted with an Acos GST 1 and a Cetech subchassis and my first tune I heard with the G 1042 was 'Cherry' by J.J.Cale who was famed for his unbeatable recordings: I simply turned around to make sure that the 'Hi-Hat' (Charleston Machine) was not in the same room with me, i.e I've never ever heard Music to such a realistic degree in 50 years!

8/10 by Taihuus

A fine cartridge, with a slightly soft but powerful bass, smooth mid range and detailed but warm treble. It is very fussy on capacitance loading needing 150 Pf plus or minus 30 Pf's to get a flat frequency range. If loaded to high it gets a treble peak that can on high loading cause an upper mid peak that can make it a bit harsh. Load it correctly and it is smooth and dynamic. It is now a bit overpriced but what cartridge isn't. Fiddly to fit and align but well worth the effort to get it right. Mine is on a Helius Orion 3 on a Gyrodec.

8/10 by hooch2259

Very good MM, solid, robust sound with good detail. Makes good music.

9/10 by hedgehog35

Have just changed from Goldring 2400 to 1042. Some might consider this a backward step but its warm, musical sound is a delight. Less 'up front' than the 2400, and perhaps slightly less treble detail, but repays with musical flow and excellent imaging. Agree with other reviews that it is a bit of a pain to fit and allign correctly.

9/10 by Alexis69

9/10 by Richard Coxon

I am very impressed-excellent tracking,warmer sounding than the Ortofon 2M blue but very musical.Its mounted on a modified RB251 arm on a Systemdek IIX

9/10 by DIB

I have mine fitted to a modded RB250 on my old Systemdek IIX and I am more than happy. Excellent detail and tracks really well. A slightly warmer sound than my previous Ortofon 2M Blue, I consider this a good value cartridge. I picked mine up a day before there was a £30 hike in the price so that was a bonus. Only quibble was that I found it a bit fiddly to fit, and also the clearance between cartridge and LP is pretty small compared to the Ortofon it replaced.

9/10 by morrisminor

Great performance. Works really well in my TecnoArm'd GyroSE. Full bodied, clear sound. Nothing to dislike at the price.

5/10 by totemarro

A fine moving magnet which 2 friends agree offers excellent sound and value for money.Not as fussy as moving coils works well in quite a few arms, I currently use it in a Clearaudio Satisfy arm on an emotion t/t.

9/10 by JaS

The 1042 has a very refined sound for a MM through the use of an advanced tip profile usually found on expensive MC cartridges. Nice all-rounder but getting expensive.

9/10 by mrw00ds

Very critical of VTA and bias settings, but once properly set-up and bedded in it's my favourite cartridge I've used so far (and I've owned a few, believe me!). Soundstaging is particularly good, and while it won't match a V15/III for tracking ability, it manages to sound sweet and warm 90% of the time, but with good attack and slam where needed.

8/10 by markcass

I used this for many years. Good points: great detail, authoritative bass and quite warm-sounding, fine imaging and fairly refined treble, tracks well. Less good: very fiddly to mount and align, can be a little harsh in the upper midrange, limited clearance between cartridge and record surface.

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