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Goldring 1006 Reviews

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Goldring 1006

Goldring 1006

9/10 by steadyryan

10/10 by marceltigger

I use this cartridge for a year now, replacing my Sumiko Bluepoint. Great sound and it matches my Rega planar 3 (1998) with RB300 arm perfectly. Great value for the money!

10/10 by vintageo

Extremely detailed open sound, great bass extension, I have no complaints..

9/10 by mas1412

Good upgrade for standard fit cartridges, high output (6.5mv) improves versatility, and stylus upgrades are available without changing the body. Excellent bass extension, open clear mids, treble can lack detail on some recordings though. A good all round performer, but those folk who regularly listen to high quality classical music recordings, should perhaps consider the more expensive 1022 or 1042 versions

8/10 by Alexis69

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