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Entre EC-1 Reviews

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Entre EC-1

Entre EC-1

9/10 by maz1957

Just a very nice sounding cartridge mounted on Mission 774 or Audiocraft AC30 tonearms.

9/10 by watt+

was my first entre. got destroyed by my cat. had to get a second one. sounds a bit like a more detailed, brighter denon 103r. loves a good transformer but works nearly as well with a spectral dmc10 preamp. Low output so very sensitive to noise is a point minus.

10/10 by desertdog

Really very good sounding cart mounted on a mission 774 arm through a densen headamp one can only say is makes music sound real.posted 2016

9/10 by fantasia

Iam trying to repair ONE. If you have one working a great cart very underrated really jumps up in performance with a modern exotic stylus re tip, i agree with the above very nice sound!!!

9/10 by Dave C

Excellent sound - very revealing and analytical without being harsh. Have run tracking tests on it mounted in a rega RB300 @ 1.8g. Low output so very sensitive to TT noise. Prefers passive step up trans.

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