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Empire 600 Reviews

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Empire 600

Empire 600

10/10 by Vtglife

My favorite Catridge. And I've owned the holy grail Signet tk10ml, the empire 1000 ZE/x and currently own the EDR 9. The EDR 9 is a beast and has half the effective tip mass. But here's something alot don't know. The actual cut of the diamond is more advanced, not the style as they're both LAC paralinear diamonds, but the actual job they did shaping it. Sharper and cleaner. If you look closely with a microscope you'll see it clearly. As time went by, cutting technology got better, and the 600 is about 5 or so years newer than the edr 9.

And one more thing, while they're the same style and shaped LAC Diamonds, the 600 lac diamond measures 6 x 60 microns, smaller than the EDR.9's (7.5 x 75 microns). In mils the figures are 0.24 x 24 and 0.3 x 30.

So maybe these two things make up for the effective tip mass. Who knows. Something about the 600 just works for me and I'd easily put it up against $800-1k modern carts of today.

7/10 by guix3212

A good cartridge for the price.

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