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Dynavector 10X Reviews

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Dynavector 10X

Dynavector 10X

9/10 by markustubesnow

I owned, and greatly enjoyed, a 10X4 mk II and a 10X5. Both of these cartridges provided a balanced, musical, smooth, detailed presentation. Treble, the midrange and bass were conveyed in a satisfying and musical way. If I hadn't had the opportunity to move up the Dynavector range to the 19A, followed by the 17D2 and D3, I would probably still be using one. Last time I tried to buy a 10X5 they were on back-order, which completely makes sense, because they are very nice cartridges.

6/10 by Big Al

The 10x5 never really improved upon my Goldring 1042. Seemed to have a short service life and started to mistrack. Sound was good but overall in retrospect this was a poor purchase for me. Maybe I was unlucky....

10/10 by adeep42

My 10 x5 has the Soundsmith Ruby retip. As good as the original is, it's now fantastic. Believe it can hold its own against carts costing two and three times as much.

10/10 by jeffco

Fitted to my Rega Planar 3 , it was three times the cost of anything else I have used. But the improvement was huge, so value for money? Yes.

10/10 by NJWUK

The latest 10x5 is truly great cartridge. Very musically neutral and reveals amazing detail. Also really forgiving of surface noise. A great fit with RP3-24 & RB301.

8/10 by marstonron

Significantly better than my old Grace F9E, much better than my old Shure V15 VMR. Dynamic, clean, accurate - great match for the Dynavector DV501 arm.

8/10 by desertdog

i have the 10a sperical tipped version. very dynamic superb bass. the start of a classic series

8/10 by lowlow007

Excellent ! But very hard to find one in good shape...

7/10 by Ariston399

This is a very nice cartridge for a mid-priced stereo system. Sound is very clear and dynamic. On most records I can't hear any groove noise. It projects a soundstage that is wide and has some depth. Seems like a good match for the tonearm on my Pro-Ject 2Xperience Classic turntable. I really like this cartridge.

7/10 by duficity

5/10 by brianmch

8/10 by yeoldestereo

Top budget MC performer, a little pricey when new.

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