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Denon DL301 Reviews

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Denon DL301

Denon DL301

9/10 by tomez2

First of all, this is a super compliant cart and tracks the groove like a bloodhound. It likes a low mass arm, Opposite of the 103. Neither is a good nor bad thing, But must be considered. It does not sound all that good on most MC preamps with 100 ohm loads. Dull, lifeless, boring. But with the correct SUT or phono pre set to at least 300 ohm or more, this cart transform. I like setting my Emotiva XPS pre to 1000 OHM, but sounds good at 470 as well.

8/10 by rkay5

I paid $225 for my new DL 301mkII great mc cartridge I don't think you could do better for so little cost...

8/10 by Delta667

Loved the sound of Denon-301 has not yet listened to the voice of Denon-305, which beat the 301 for all indicators

7/10 by yawg

Good dynamics and definition but less detail, soundstage and openness than my Empire 4000 DIII. Needs up to 1 KOhms to sound best.

10/10 by jmsy

Used in a sl-1200mk2 with KAB silicone oil damper, excellent performance and sound for the money, initial dullness gone away after about twenty hours of playing.

10/10 by Cogito

Just mounted a 301-Mk2 to my DP-60L. Exceptional range and clarity. Cost £100 more than the cartridge it replaced. Money well spent. On the Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live boxed set, I've happily listened to 4 sides without a hiccup and with wonderful bass and treble.

8/10 by anmpr1

I had the original 301. It was part of a long line of worthwhile Denon cartridges. Not as nice in my opinion as the more expensive 103D, but not bad at all. It was, as I recall, near the bottom of their low output MC line. The problem with Denon, now, is that they do not offer a trade-in allowance on their MCs. At least that is what they told me some months ago. Thus, it's difficult for me to advise that anyone spend much $ on their products since the only option is to buy a new one when the stylus is worn. I hope they change their policy, or that I am mistaken.

9/10 by jrc19570

Just mounted and put on first album. What presence and clarity! I am just starting to break this in and WOW! Imagine what it will do once settled in!!!!

8/10 by fftulip

The very opposite of the 103 cartridge. If you like the sound of the 103 you may not like the 301. The 301 has a very flat frequency response and does not sound as dynamic. Tonally it is very faithful to the recording though not as revealing as the finest cartridges. The moderately high compliance performs well with medium-low mass arms. With its fine elliptical tip it tracks very well.


Engaging cartridge. Very nice

10/10 by hifi-bruce

Just bought a DL301 MkII from Comet and am using the Shure SUTS into my Marantz 7c.

Table is the VPI Traveler.

Am very happy with the 301mkii.
Was using a Shure v15 Type iii and a Denon DL160 previously. The 301mkii wins by a long shot!

Have forgotten for want for a Delos!!

10/10 by john guest

Very Natural sounding cartridge with good detail. very good value for money. Takes you into the bottom level of the best MC cartridges bracket.

10/10 by silvernote

10/10 by phildoc2009

9/10 by sc_ita

Excellent tracking. Ultra low distorsion. Natural and well balanced tone. Not critical in the regulation of the tonearm.
Missing just a minimum of body and energy. The macro-dynamics could be better.
Vote=9/10 by considering the great value for money!

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