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Denon DL110 Reviews

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Denon DL110

Denon DL110

10/10 by maz1957

For the price the little dl110 is excellent a great allrounder and for many you do not need to go any further.

3/10 by bartovsky

Dissapointing cart (had it some years on a Denon DP-47F and on a DP-57L) and had the DL-160 too (a bit less worse). At first I was impressed (coming from a simple Ortofon OM-5E), but later on I realised what it was. Very mediocre performance, really nothing magic at all. Not very allrounder: hard and unsubtle with some records, veiled and muddy with others. I do not 'believe' anymore in low budget, high output MC carts...have never heard a single one that sounds good! The only one MCH that did was a Benz and Dynavector DV-20X2H but these are medium/high priced ones (750 euro) and not 200 euro (for a DL-110). If you are about to spend less than 500 euro stick to a proper MM! then you ll get naturelness, dynamics, speed, velvetness, good bass, silky highs!

10/10 by szoze

This cart sounds fantastic on both my Pro-ject Carbon and my Rega RB330 arms. Very neutral and dynamic. It tracks very nice. There is no IGD when properly aligned. Compared to Ortofon's 2M offerings only 2m Black beats it.

10/10 by mrw00ds

Absolutely lovely! Replaced the highly regarded Goldring 1042 and I must say I prefer the Denon. Wheras previously in opera I got an impression of roughly where the singers were standing now it's pin-point accuracy, breathtaking soundstage! In my Pro-Ject Classic I thought it benefitted from the addition of the little spacer weight (I think it likes more mass). In rock music it delivers wonderful tone to guitars and doesn't get easily confused. Others may want a bit more transient attack and slam, but as I mostly listen to classical the Denon's sweetness and airiness suits me down to the ground. Tracks very well and IGD is kept to a minimum. With 40dB gain on my Arcam rPhono preamp the output through the MM stage is just fine.
Highly recommended.

6/10 by Fiddleronthebike

a good cart, sounds and tracks well. Was highly recommended at the old price (~110€). Now with the higher price it's a bit tricky...

8/10 by doggod

Great performer. Very dynamic and correct soundin cart! Got mine 2 years go before prices went trough the roof, paid 110€

7/10 by simonineaston

Bought at £60 some years ago, been in my drawer since... Is now fitted to an re-wired/OL weighted RB250 and to my rather naive ears, it sounds great. On the same tt/arm combo, I've compared it to a Shure V15/3 and a Goldring 1042 and I think it sounds the best of the three. My listening skills aren't sufficiently sophisticated to tell you why, yet, but it somehow sounds more sophisticated, detailed and musical than either of the other two. I'm about to slide gently up the upgrade slope (old Rega planar going, mint SME model 10 arriving...) and am fondly imagining that the DL110 will sound even better!
I'm giving it a cautious 7/10 simply 'cos I don't have enough listening experience to compare it to better cartridges in a meaningful way.
I'd deffo buy another, even at its now price of well over double wot I paid!!

10/10 by Ach

There was only one choice for me, the infamous Denon DL110 I've used several of these over the years, and knew for my budget offered a classy sound allied with good consistency! This cartridge has detail, ambiance, control and authority in spades! But is renowned to be very setup specific, so accuracy and double checks whilst fitting are crucial to get the very best out of it!

Turntable: STD 305M. Arm: OEM Rega Rb202

10/10 by pughjohn

My first MC using it on Technics SL1200, with Audio Origami modded RB250, also Technoweight.
Wonderful warm sound, smooth, detailed, using Arcam Alpha as phono stage feeding an Onkyo AV amp.
I think I have got the mix right. Affordable, sophisticated, recommended!

10/10 by Jason_Vanrell

This is a absolutely excellent performing cartridge on every level. Unlike many MCs, (especially less expensive ones), that tend to have tracking or IGD issues, this one makes no such fuss. Make sure your tonearm mass is matched well, (medium is best), align properly, set VTF, Anti-skate and VTA properly, and let it break in about 20 hours.

With a good table, (Technics), your records will never have sounded better, and you really would not be able to make them sound much better, without spending an incredible amount of money on a better table, (if that even exists). The dl-110 outperforms its price, (even at $300), by a large margin.

The sound stage is wide and deep. Great separation of vocals, instruments, and superb attack and decay. Excellent detail, and tracks nearly as good as my AT440mla, (the standard by which I measure all cartridges by in this category).

Sell the rest of your cartridges after that, and buy a spare ot two!

10/10 by Jurek

After Grado Silver,At OC5,AT OC9,Linn Asak,Ortofon MC-1 Turbo ,very fitted for Linn Basic LVV arm

5/10 by davetruestory

Even at the new price range of $300 it's hard to bet.

6/10 by alionida

Used on stock Technics 1200mk5, Heybrook C3 preamp. Because of harsh top end and lack in mids and bass loading changed from 47kOhm to 2kOhm. At this loading it sounded best but still not perfect. Still too harsh and too forward sounding.
Otherwise good tracking, great soundstage, very articulate, airy MC sound. Instruments sound natural and great!
I imagine it needs to be carefully system matched.

9/10 by Algral

5/10 by designer111

I let this little 4.8gr baby travel the groves for approximately 50 hours or so before I began any type of serious listening. But I have to say, the cartridge sounded good right out the box - a little stiff and tight at first, but this is the norm with all new cartridges. After letting the Denon 110 get some millage under its engine, I sat down for some serious listening. This is an excellent cartridge for its price, very detailed, natural sounding, and excellent imaging, with a good holographic-3D effect. Not overly bright, but warm and engaging, making one wanting to listen nonstop and is never fatiguing to the ears as many overly bright [sterile] cartridges are. I would stack this baby up against any moving coil in its price range. In fact, I feel the Denon 110 cartridge is comparable or better than many moving coils costing far greater. For the money - One of the best moving coil designs ever made IMO.
Get one before they discontinue it for a newer model as was the case with the Denon 160

A must have for all audiophiles to add too their collection of cartridges!


Two Adcom GFA-555 amps in mono-block
Kenwood KD-650 Quartz PLL Direct Drive Turntable with granite plinth 40lbs
Optonica RP-3636 MKII Direct Drive Turntable with granite plinth 40lbs
Nakamichi Cassette Deck 1 with adjustable Azimuth
ONKYO R1 Compact Disc Player
DBX - 1BX Dynamic Range Expander
DBX Boom Box [Sub Harmonic Synthesizer]
801 Omnisonic Imager
Pair of Magnapan 2.5R speakers
One Polk Audio Powered Subwoofer
Speaker wires: ClearView Double Helix plus
Interconnects: JW Audio-Signature interconnects


Grace F-9E [MM]
Sonus Gold Blue [MM]
Nagoaka MP-11 [MM]


Satin M-117Z [MC]

8/10 by raphaelmabo

Great value for money and a solid and musical involving performance with deep solid bass and airy treble. A detailed and punchy sound. Works very well with electronic, dance and contemporary rock music.

However, not the last word in 3D sound staging.

10/10 by taynos

DYNAMIC! Picked up a Sony PS-X70 from a pawn shop in So Cal for $125. (near mint) Came with a Nagatron 360CE MM which sounded a bit muddy and flat.

Heard moving cartridge was the way to go with the tonearm.

They were right. Sounds way better. Cleaner. More Dynamic. Yeah. Get it if you need a high output moving coil cartridge.

9/10 by Jimiz

Hard to beat for the money, $140USD. An excellent performer on my Audio Note TT1 & Arm2. Bought it to fill in till I got the funds for a Benz. After 2 months I took the money for the Benz and bought more vinyl. For me this cart just sounded like it got out of the way of the music, to me an upgrade was more records.

8/10 by madog99

My first MC cart and does everything pretty well , seems a bit shouty on some vocals but that's a small nitpick .Hard to beat at this price range .

10/10 by paolippe

Very similar to the DL 103, but with better highs

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