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Cartridge Man Music Maker Reviews

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Cartridge Man Music Maker

Cartridge Man Music Maker

10/10 by Lehmanhill

Comparing this to the AT150MLX, I prefer the Music Maker III. Don't get me wrong, the AT150MLX is a very nice cartridge. The Music Maker is even better and worth the extra price, at least to me. It sounds neutral, open, and detailed while at the same time sounding natural. In comparision, the 150MLX sounds a little artificial, even strained. The detail between the two is equal, although the 150MLX may very slightly emphasize the upper frequencies. Although the sound stage of the 150MLX is very good, the Music Maker is even better with both width and depth. Bass is both deep and tight. Mid-range is open and musical. Overall, my favorite cartridge to date.

10/10 by Fatboyriding

Of all the cartridges I have owned over the past 45 years this is the one that I have stayed with simply because it does exactly what it says on the tin - makes music! The latest upgrade to my turntable of a slate plinth demonstrates that the cartridge is capable of astonishing detail retrieval

10/10 by MadPom

My most expensive cartridge to date also. I'm a firm believer of less is more when it comes to hi-fi (Backloaded horns, no crossovers, triodes). So this is a great cartridge for anyone wanting to move into high end territory without adding the additional expense and complexity of a step up transformer moving coil combination. Very very musical, impossible to stop yourself moving to a good rhythm. You just get sucked into the music. I've got some vinyl spinning as I type and it's hard complete the review. The longline needle is supposed to work very well with linear tracking arms it's certainly delivering the goods on my Advanced analogue MG1.1. (bargain price air bearing tonearm).

10/10 by Fatmangolf

It's the most expensive cartridge I have owned but by far the best. I really enjoy records played with it, the treble is detailed but never harsh. Clear but musical midrange. Voices, guitars, horns sound great and drums are very solid. Deep and punchy bass.
Good on my P3-24 and 1210/II. Almost unaffected by capacitor loading but can pick up AC motor or transformer hum, which is strictly a TT fault.

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