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Benz Micro MC Ruby 2 Reviews

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Benz Micro MC Ruby 2

Benz Micro MC Ruby 2

5/10 by Daveyf

Very nice cartridge but now severely outclassed by some of the more modern Lyra designs. Compared to a Lyra Kleos, the Ruby 2 loses resolution and some bottom end heft. The Benz does tonality well and it can portray good upper end reach, again not in the class of the newer Lyra's, but still respectable.
Class B these days. Since Benz is now basically unobtanium, due to the factory going AOL, I would look at other choices.

10/10 by vynileric

For me it is one of the best carts ever heard. I use it with a Lukaschek PP. This is a perfect match. It plays all musical details, shows a very fine stage and it is getting never nervous. Can be ordered with individual compliance to match your tonearm perfectly. It's a good value for quiet a lot of money.

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