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Audio Technica AT-OC30 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-OC30

Audio Technica AT-OC30

8/10 by jerrysmith1234

I have this cartridge re-tipped by Joseph, Cartridge Re-tipping. The mids and treble are fabulous. The bass is extended but lacks some punch. Overall it is brilliant but my Grado Platinum 2 has better bass slam.


10/10 by freak

I'm the very happy owner of this exceptional cartridge. To my ears there's probably no comparable cart produced nowadays. In the 1992 very expensive cart at around 2000DM (1000USD). Classified as Absolute Spitzenklasse Reference system according to German Audio magazine and I have to admit AT OC30 fully deserve this titul! Stunning sound in every aspect without any weak point! I use my AT OC30 with SME 3009 II arm (earlier&better version), Technics SL-110 in mint condition and wooden Urushi Ortofon LH-8000 headshell. This combination makes my system really singing not talking about optical synergy and fascination! :)
Therefore I'm giving my full & honest recommendation!!!

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