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Audio Technica AT-F7 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-F7

Audio Technica AT-F7

6/10 by togabbai

I really can't fault this cartridge with anything specific except this:. It lacks musicality. Technically excellent, musically fatiguing. The Denon it replaced did not reveal detail like this cartridge, but was much more pleasant and enjoyable. System is a restored Fisher 400 with an at 630 sut driving Bozak Symphony

9/10 by guettaby

Really happy with this one . I've switched from a hign end MM , ortofon 2M Black, and now I'm delighed with the bright midrange and all the details that can offer a half-price Mobile coil cartridge. I'm using it with a Project Carbon with a decent phono-preamp (Bugle2 from Hagerman) and an audiophile NAD 3020 twiked by Thierry Cler. For discovering the MC univers while coming from the MM one, this cartridge is the best deal IMO . Sounds far better in all the range.

7/10 by WildRice

Plays well with our Focus One

4/10 by kolob

this is a solid performing cartridge i use my on a rega p2 with 251 tonearm upgraded with incoqnito arm rewire and michell tecnoweight, using the mc input of the musical fidality v-lpsmk11 and feeling no more desire to upgrade to a better cart, it has the somewhat forward sound that is typical with AT carts but does not exibit any sound overly bright like so many mc,s do i give it a 4 couse nothing is perfect and your ears are not mine , but its my imprassion a well balaced cart with decent dynamics great clarity and can be had for as low as 270-300

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