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Audio Technica AT-95 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-95

Audio Technica AT-95

10/10 by lampio

After playing some monaural records with the Shure M-44/7 cartridge, I noticed that it sounded drowned, too serious, the middle tones were lost. Consulting on the network I found some alternatives for monaural cartridges, but they are too expensive, so looking for a cheaper alternative I found some diagrams where they explain how to wired a stereo cartridge to mono and I recommend them, it works perfectly.

9/10 by audiopip

Amazing value for money, ideal budget cartridge.

9/10 by wrollins

Took a chance for the price and I am very impressed. Very clean and right out of the box had both good high and low end in my opinion. I have mine hooked to my band's powered mixer and 15 JBL's and sounds great at high volume. Past articles say it takes a while for the stylus to break in and once it is broken in tends have an even better sound. Can't go wrong for the price.

7/10 by djuli

I bought AT95E from ebay, to replace the cartridge and stylus on Pioneer PL-X50 with original MC cartridge PC3MC. The sound is fair for my ears. MC to MM cartridge changing.

7/10 by sydfc_griffo

I replaced the Ortofon OEM on a Pro-ject Essential 2 with a brand new 95E for a dirt cheap $49 AUD. It sounds ridiculously good for the price - lively, nicely balanced, clean and clear and tracks well; far better than the Ortofon which was lifeless and dull in comparison. It lacks detail and imaging and the bass is somewhat muddier compared with my other setup (LP12/Ittok/AT-OC9II), but given the difference in prices between the two setups that's expected and is probably attributed to the Pro-ject more than the 95E. I have not mounted the 95E on the Ittok, but it would be interesting to see how it goes in a better setup. Can't be beaten for the price.

10/10 by timS

I gave it a 10 out of 10 , not because its the greatest cartridge in the universe , but because it does what it claims to do at a inexpensive price point. Tracks nice at a touch inder 2gm.
lol... as a drummer of 40+ years im not sure my hearing is 20 - 20 anymore anyway.

10/10 by contented

contented. I give this AT95E cartridge full marks. Excellent sound quality and good with Motorhead or light violins. The AT95 stylus was also good if slightly less so to the E.

8/10 by DSJR

It's cheap, tracks pretty well and covers its tracks very well when the going gets tough. It works in almost anything able to track at 2g or a smidgeon under, does get better as the turntable system it's fitted to is improved and it's hard to criticise for such low money. I give it 8/10 because ultimately, it's a bit 'safe' sounding in this digital age. Recommended though as a staple basic model that woin't chew your records up.

9/10 by DaveGriff

I had this little cartridge pre-installed on my AT-LP120.I realise that this little chap needs quite a few hours to settle itself in , but something wasn't quite right , although I set the tonearm up as accurately as one can,tracking weight was spot on for this cartridge etc (used digital scales) I thought I'd take another look at cartridge/headshell set-up...mmmm...even though it was factory set.the little chap was out by 1.2mm , so just a reminder, always check it yourself , I've played vinyl for the past few months and it's a little belter. Lovely buget cartridge.

9/10 by penumbra

Came across this on a Micro Seiki MB10 deck, i replaced the stylus with an original elliptical and its very good! its not as full sounding as my Ortofon VMS 10 (which originally also cost the same) which i still prefer over the Ortofon OM5 but these days i dont think there is anything that is much better taking cost into account

5/10 by brandon1234

buy at-95sa it has a shibata sounds better than my broznes m2 in canada it sales for 477.00 an the at-95sa 149.00 us at lp gear [gray]

8/10 by spaceace

By itself the 95 is a beauty but with an upgraded stylus ( lP Gear ), it goes from good to great, like in that might be the last mm I buy great). Total investment around 150.00 US. cheers

9/10 by ArthurTransOceanic

Would give it 10/10, but poor, imprecise, and vague documentation that requires an electron microscope to read. Sound great, an excellent value for the price.

10/10 by 3094kevin

Nothing competes at the budget end.

10/10 by tubesandhorns

I put one on a Linn LP-12/Ittok... I couldn't believe the sound for the money. I upgraded the stylus to the aftermarket Shibata. People who come to my house are stunned. Fabulous detail and resolution; but more importantly, so engaging that I can't wait to get home at night to play a record.

9/10 by rich1968

Amazing the best value for money cartridge on the market.

8/10 by Landolaman1

Recently acquired a PL-12D which was equipped with an Ortofon F15E. I may be doing the Ortofon a disservice not knowing how old the stylus was, but going on reviews i switched to a AT95E. Wow! What a difference after managing to get the AT set up properly the clarity and overall definition blew me away. As someone else said, how do they do it for the money???

9/10 by rover8772

sounds great for that price ! (45 euro) best cartridge for beginner..

9/10 by az123

I agree with just about everybody; a great value, and a very good sounding cartridge in its own right. Darn near bulletproof, easy to set up, tracks well, good sound. It's nice to have an affordable cartridge that works this well.

10/10 by davetruestory

There's no logic in that a thin this cheap will sound this good.

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