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Audio Technica AT-7 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-7

Audio Technica AT-7

9/10 by n6htv

Truly a sleeper great for jazz and soft rock.

9/10 by bieleckius

I picked up one of these a few weeks ago after using primarily a Nagaoka MP-110 for a couple years. I immediately didn't like it; but that was because it lacked the bass drive (mid-bass hump?) and luscious midrange of the MP-110. After listening to the AT-7 on some string ensembles, jazz combos, and rock from Paul Simon to Steve Winwood and Pink Floyd I have come to appreciate the AT-7's linearity and balance. It is superb at drawing out details without exaggerating the treble. Bass is relatively deep but not pronounced. The Achilles heel of the AT-7 is LPs that are recorded too hot in the mix in which case the cartridge produces an overloaded glare. An older pressing of the Doors Strange Days is an example. On nearly everything else the AT-7 has demonstrated such openness, separation, imaging and refinement that I admit my initial impression was faulty. I still love the Nagaoka for its richness, and it does handle poor recordings pretty well, but the AT-7's finesse is remarkable, allowing insight to some recordings that neither the MP-110 nor any other of the 20 or so MM cartridges I've owned could do. One caution: the stylus appears to be very delicate and is close to the bottom of the cartridge so care is needed. In summary, I agree with the other reviews of this fine and affordable cartridge.

9/10 by budlark

9/10 by johnnywalker

This is an excellent cartridge, much smoother, more balanced, and not as bright as other AT cartridges I have used. It beautifully balances an even frequency range (no lack of either highs or lows, with wonderful mids) with good detail and transparency. It reproduces all types of music very well and realistically; on large-scale symphonic and big-band music it can be bested by a MC, but on other types of music it has more body and warmth than a MC. Outstanding value.

8/10 by baroquist

This is a smoother sounding cartridge when compared to the Audio-Technica AT95E which I replaced with it. It's most comfortable with acoustic music such as baroque or jazz but also suits more melodic rock such as Steely Dan or Elton John. If AOR isn't your thing and you like fuzz guitar and feedback then look elsewhere. It works best with small jazz ensembles, chamber music and concertoes. Big symphonic pieces seem to overwhelm it a bit. They still sound ok but the system seems to get a bit out of its stride with all the detail in a Beethoven symphony for example. This could be due to a bottleneck somewhere else in my system. If you're interested I've got an Audiolab 8200 Amplifier and a Rega P5 deck going into Roksan speakers. I think the weak link in my set up could be the phono stage which is a Musical Fidelity VLPS. It's very good for the money but I think it is outclassed by the rest of the system. Bearing this in mind the sound stage is deep but fairly narrow with passable stereo effect but good separation of instruments (except big orchestral pieces as discussed)I've got a 1960s London Philharmonia rendition of Concierto de Arunjuez and it feels like the solo guitarist is sitting in the room with you. I bought mine for about £90 from a US website LPgear . I think the list price is about £150. It's officially a Japanese home market only model so the instructions are only in Japanese but this Vinyl Engine kindly provides you with all the details you need to set it up. I read on an American website that it is a revival of a Signet model from the 70s or 80s. Apparently Signet is a discontinued sub brand of Audio Technica that specialised in smoother sounding cartridges. I was around in that era but my budget then did not extend past the basic Ortofons and ATs that came with the deck when you bought them so I can't say I remember them. Anyway great value for money at £90 and brilliant with the right sort of music.

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