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Audio Technica AT-3400 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-3400

Audio Technica AT-3400

6/10 by lampio

a very good cartridge, this one comes with the Onkyo CP 1050 and its sound is warm, we tried several types of records, from the 80's and some reissues and it plays perfect. Its sound is very nice

8/10 by Marec2

A budget cartridge from audio technica, the AT3400 has a healty 3,5mV output and comes standard with a spheric stylys. I use it to play second hand albums, and it sounds rather great with rock. I plug in a AT95E elliptical stylus for the better quality albums and there you have a AT95 sound with more bass than the AT95 itself. The AT3400 has been a standard fit to many turntables under their own brand. It sounds a whole lot better than you would expect.

7/10 by spunkerboybr

It is a good cartridge for a low-end spherical of the AT brand. It came originally with my turntable (Marantz TT6200 - Rebadged CEC8003) and could deliver good sound especially in the first tracks of the vinyls. It tracks really nicely and makes wonders on scratched or worn vinyls too.


Funny sounding cartridge, i use it only to listen to some rock, or heavy metal LP's. I got it used, no cost's so...

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