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Audio Technica AT-33 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-33

Audio Technica AT-33

10/10 by stevied62

Running this cartridge for a year now it’s quite stunning for the price
Give it 50 hrs & you will be rewarded with a sound that makes you wonder do you need anything else.

10/10 by Peter4103

I have bought a brand new AT33Sa to be fitted on my EPA 500 tonearm, which is mounted on my SP10MK2. I have had many carts, ranging from Denon to ZYX and Lyra, but without a doubt this is one of the finest carts so far. Granted, the ZYX and Lyra performed very well, but were at least triple the amount I paid for the 33Sa (which retails around 800 Euro.)

The cart is quite easy to set-up and the sound quality is just amazing. Rich, with a fantastic sound stage, clear voices, good rounded bass, very nice mid range and the highs are detailed without being too much. I have a pair of Elac speakers for this set, which is certainly a good match for this cart. 10 out of 10!

8/10 by jacoder57

I have both an AT33PTG/II and an AT33SA, used on the same type of deck but mounted on very different tonearms, a lightweight SME III and a SME IV respectively. On both tonearms, there are dampers attached, and a fair amount of damping is actually applied. In both cases obvious miss-tracking is virtually nonexistent, even under severe circumstances at the end of a record. There isn't much of surface-noise either. The damping has clear effects on the sound, in all likelihood to be interpreted as cleaner, less distorted, though sometimes it seems one talks about it as a deadening of the sound. But playing at extremely high volumes, the cleanliness is what stands out. The SME III+PTG/II gives a warmer sound with a surprisingly full bass and attractive middle register, though in direct comparison with the SME IV+SA lacking in detail, affecting the timbre (the sound spectrum of a given pitch) rather than the discernment of voices. Consequently, the IV+SA gives an extremely detailed sound with a wide and open space, in the end more involving but also with a question mark as to its truthfulness to the master. According to the information supplied with the PU's, there is a more marked high frequency deviation from a flat curve of the SA that perhaps plays in here. That the overall quality of modern PU-designs is markedly better compared to those of two or three decades ago seems beyond discussion.

10/10 by Bill Stevenson

Mine is an AT33 Mono Anniversary. This cartridge hits way above it's weight. Smooth, detailed, quiet. I own and listen to a lot of mono records, mostly re-issues from companies like Mosaic, Analogue Productions, Music Matters, the Beatles Box etc. and my preamp does not have a mono-switch. I played with Y adaptors, but decided to buy a true mono cartridge and boy am I glad I did. it just sounds better than any stereo cartridge I have compared it with. A lot better, in fact words fail me. This cartridge is fantastic and unbeatable for the money. I am sure there are better mono cartridges, but none come to mind that don't cost a lot more. The Ortofon 2M Mono SE? Well I have a 2M Black and the AT33 sounds better on mono records. In fact it also sounds better on mono records that my Cadenza Black that costs 5 times more. This is quite simply a slammin' good deal.

9/10 by tube_lism

This MC cartridge better than DL103/R, Layer sound , Big sound stage, Very detail ,So......smooth in vocal sound, Have tested with TD135 / 1.5 gram and on original TP arm...

10/10 by Brianev

I have this on my SME 309 arm, and it's very picky to setup. It needs to be one of those things that time is spent on, making sure that all the settings are correct. Best done by ear after the initial settings have been done. But, it's well worth the time and trouble as this cartridge is just superb in the way it translates the music, very smooth with amazing detail, great base, and good mid range. This is the best cart I have ever heard on channel separation, it's phenomenal. Good value buy, but time and patience is needed.

9/10 by 351jmc

Compared with AT33PTG, this one is better - more detail, maybe smoother but wider and more defined soundstage, and for the moment I am happy.
Compared with Denon 103R both AT's had much more defined sound (yes I have added an extra weight in order to work with light Akito). And compared with few other cheaper ones (MC Ortofon Samba, MM's) that I had in my short new vinyl experience, much better, as expected.
System - Linn AkitoII, Thorens 320MkII with some tweaks, Lehmann Blackcube SEII, A3.2 pre-power, Proac D18

9/10 by Blotto

My experience with this cartridge has been very good. Agree with mirto36--it is slightly dark which
speaks to system pairing. However, it is more slightly dark when comparing it to other AT cartridges...but when comparing it to other mid level
cartridges it is less so and seems more towards neutral. ( for instance dynavector 10x )... I have never had a tracking issue with this unit...this comment is not in any way a disparagement of profstoned's experience and I am sorry that he was not happy with the performance of his 33EV...These
things happen. I am running Quad909 amp./99 pre. amplification units with nordost vishnu power,and cardas golden ref interconnects and nordost SPM speaker cables. A Denon DP 62L for vinyl. Very much enjoy the setup. Bass is tight , mids tonally
-pretty accurate- and highs are extended but not harsh or under represented....

8/10 by mirto36

The Audio technica AT33EV sound is a little dark isn't completely transparent, but it is great sound, and the bass is fantastic.

8/10 by profstoned

I'd recommend this.
Tracking: 8,5/10 (nearly or as good as the AT33ptg. Yes, that is a compliment)
Sound: 7,5/10 (on the bright side, but you can tame this to near neutral with some pre-amps).

Some mono records NEED to be played with a mono cart. I've found that sometimes it cancels out unwanted noises that you simply cannot get rid of by simply combining L+R or by taking L or R. It does however not magically cancel out inner groove wear, but then neither should you expect it to.

9/10 by gpdavis2

Will give the AT33R 9/10 as it is not quite up to my Kontrapunkt b. A delightfully smooth, detailed and quiet cartridge. Well worth the cost.

7/10 by monte verdi

Beautiful sounding cartridge with extended highs and excellent detail, rich solid bass and a very neutral mid-band. Good reason why this is sought after by Japanese audiophiles, it sounds wonderful, particularly with tube electronics! BTW, the cantilever is gold plated beryllium. Matches nicely with my SAEC 308N tonearm and Scheu Premier turntable.

10/10 by Vart69

Purchased to replace dead AT-33E (purchased in '79). Pricey, but worth every penny! Warm rich bass and crisp mids and highs. NOTE: purchased thru Amazon/J&R Music for $399.99.

9/10 by Max_G

For this Price, the Best buy

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