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Audio Technica AT-20 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-20

Audio Technica AT-20

5/10 by bartovsky

Hm yeah it is not bad, but there is always something missing and slightly annoying high freqs. To my taste the AT-20Sa (had the SS too, and the AT-15Ea and Sa) too analytical, too technichal, too detailed, too restricted, too cold sounding. I miss the groove and I missed quit some midrange. It is a great performer in high and low tones...but music becomes music together with the mids'! Most AT's are too 'technical sounding' within my system (can be different in yours). Tried quit some AT MM's with Shibata, microline, naked elliptical, last one I had was a brandnew VM-540ML, but all ot them had these characteristics as above. I guess I am more a Shure man: sweeter, jucier, bouncier and groovier.

9/10 by Brownlow

Using a AT-20sla on a Sony PS-X7 turntable. This is a formidable performer and was not even used on a wall mounted turntable shelf (better performance for sure). Grab yourself a good condition specimen on ebay or another auction site. A Hi-Fi giveaway.

9/10 by Peter1954

Gave it a 9 just because it isn't made anymore. My factory response curve is dead flat. I track at 1 gram and needle wear is excellent. Yes, alignment needs to be spot on but very worth the effort. My ears hear sonic excellence from this cart. I have it in a vintage Sure SME III tonearm I am the original owner of. In 45 years and many other combos, this is my idea of the best for my money by a wide margin. The couple are so well mannered you can play any type of genre on them and listen happily for there will be no bad surprises, they handle it all with ease. I'm done looking, this is my notion of sonic excellence.

10/10 by indianscout

If not the best, than surely one of the best carts ever made!

10/10 by lefu_vin

Great (Hi-end)all over sound. Mounted on a BLACK WIDOW Infinity tone arm I would say a perfect match. tracking at 1G the pre-amp is SONY TA 86E.

9/10 by Dr Pan K

more like 9.5/10

very detailed, perfect extension from low to high freq, flat response, best channel balance i ve ever seen (about 0.1 db in mine).

only minus is alignment. must be very very precise

10/10 by audiotech94

40 years later, perfect with an AT 1009 tonearm on a TD125 MK II !

10/10 by redskins15

9/10 by porto

8/10 by mikegrosoft

8/10 by Rockyboy

I bought this cartridge in Germany in the 80's and also own V15 Type 5MR, Elys Exact and own many others.
I like this one, As all cartridges it different from the other. The Shure paints a bigger picture. Elys is just full of punch, but the AT-20SS is just pleasing all over.

9/10 by KonstantinT

Got an second (or third?) hand one, mileage unknown. I´m astonished! To my ears and with my middle-class equipment (Ortofon AS212 arm, NAD 3130 integrated, Sennheiser HD580 phones) the AT20SLa sounds as nice as the Shure V15V-MR, on some records even better.
Unfortunately, I´m changing to a heavier arm and the AT doesn´t match.
Great cartridge! Damned AT-crew! Why did they offer such a heavy (8 grams) cartridge with such a high compliance? Therefore I don´t give 10 points.

8/10 by elo1960

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