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Audio Technica AT-160 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-160

Audio Technica AT-160

10/10 by jrh051508

I have owned this cartridge since December 1986 (Paid $149) and agree with the others, this is an incredible cartridge and shows AT at the top of their game. I fortunately have a new OEM replacement stylus still in a sealed box and I using the original stylus as it shows no wear under the scope and tracks great. Limited use as I got sucked in CD's in 86' and put all this fine equipment away in storage for many years. Now I am enjoying the fun and frustration of vinyl again. Mounted to a Denon DP-62L through a Denon PRA-1000 and POA-1500 with Klipsch Corwall II and Philips FB825 speakers.

10/10 by redskins15

This is the finest cartridge ever made by Audio-Technica! It outplays the at20ss, at20sla and the the highly touted at155lc. This was the last berylium cartridge made by anyone. It is gold plated beryllium and the epitome of the moving magnet cartridge. If only the EPA stopped allowing the use of berylium in cantilevers!

10/10 by mparthas

One of the very best MM cartridges that bests many a lofty high output moving coils. I prefer the At 160ML to the Dynavector 10x5 on the Rega RB 300 arm. Superb dynamics, excellent tracking, decent bass, and warm airy mids and highs. Lets the music flow though.

10/10 by shadow9

This is cartridge of the best. It has all perfect and sound is natural.

10/10 by bboer

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