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Audio Technica AT-150 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-150

Audio Technica AT-150

8/10 by csaudio03

Top! I've the ATN150 Mlx mounted on an AT540 Ml and it's gorgeous ...

6/10 by Cooler2k

Review for 150Sa.
Not a best one.. Sound is really very detailed, brilliant specifications, great tracking.. But really lifeless, cd-like sound. As for me, with this cart i don't have that vinyl-sound, magic for what i love LP's. Bass is great, top's too. But voices is a bit thin and plastic.
Best on electronic music.
Bad on vocals, jazz, funk.
In comparsion with Acutex 412, Shure M3D, Nagaoka MP-150, ADC XLM - on a last place.
System - SME 3009 S2 on Lenco L75 / Naim 62-180 / Monitor Audio Silver 5i

10/10 by VinylGuy85

Amazingly beautiful, crisp, clear detailed sound - the only cart I use now - whether your vinyl is from 1967 or 2017 it will bring out stunning detail and clarity that you simply have to hear to believe!!! My absolute favourite cartridge!!!!

10/10 by Hermetech Mastering

I've had the AT-150 MLX for over a year now, on a heavily modded Rega RP6. I'd been using the Goldring (1042) and modded Goldring (Roksan Corus Black) carts since 1989, and this was the single biggest step up in terms of vinyl sound quality that I have ever had. It reveals all the information, is pretty flat (in terms of frequency response), has very low surface noise, and just offers a deeply engaging listen, so much so that I feel no need to upgrade. Just a super, stunning cart. Highly recommended!

10/10 by Lymbo90

My favorite MM cartridge. I prefer this over the 2M Black that costs more than twice that of the 150MLX. You can't go wrong with this cart.

10/10 by Bill Stevenson

Mine is the AT150AVN model with titanium body and saphire cantilever. Supposedly an upgrade over the already excellent AT150MLX. I also have an Ortofon 2M Black, both cost about $750 US, in 2014. Both are excellent and as others have said even though they are only moving magnet designs, you will have to go a long way to beat either. The AT150ANV is outstanding. It presents a deep and wide sound stage, bass is deep and very well defined. The perspective is somewhat more distant than the 2M Black. By this I mean that the 2M Black seems to push the musicians right into the room, the AT150 provides a deeper sound stage with more front to back separation. I think the AT150 is superior for big band, full orchestra, or rock band and the 2M is better for small group jazz and vocals. The AT150 is more forgiving and easier to set up. I cannot rate one over the other overall, though, and think everyone should have both. ;-) BTW, my turntable is a fully KAB modded SL1200MK2 and my phono stage is a cj TEA2 MAX.

9/10 by gpdavis2

Will also rate the MX150Ti at 9/10 (Ti cantilever rather than boron). Is a terrific MM and like as much as the 2M-Black I also have. They are different, with the 2M being more forward, so not as good for rock but excellent for jazz. The AT150 is, perhaps, more rounded and I would likely choose it over the 2M-Black if I had to live with one. Would definitely spring for the AT150 before spending the same $$ on an MC (of which, like the previous poster, I am a big fan). Terrific MM cartridge that does most everything right.

9/10 by Dutchman01

For a MM it`s the best I`ve heard, and better than an Ortofon Black what cost way more.
I highlt recommend this one for a Technics SL-1200mk2 / 1600mk2/1700mk2/1800mk2
Its an excellent tracker what gives you very low noise and a good audio production.

9/10 by JamesTW

I consider myself a MC man, But this one is the only exceptional to me.
I have AT150MLX for about 3 years and had replaced one new stylus last year, the new factory stylus was costy, from my local AT dealer ! But I'm turely happy with this cartridge and it's the only one MM cartridge I want to keep it.
Let me put in this way : I have many MC cart.; three different models of Koetsu, FR MC201, Denon DL103 & R, DL106, Technics EPS300MC, SAE 1000LT... and many others I'd used in last decade... The AT150MLX always make me think it is the MM cartridge sounds like MC, and even better than some of MCs I've heard ! in better smooth overall frequency response and more air(transparent) in mid and high.

My suggestion is : Before you jump into a MC., try to find a friend or dealer or shop who has AT150MLX demo could let you have a deep listening, Then you can make your decision.
Or, if you have bought it new, be patient with it, this cart is very sensitive with fine turns and a little longer break-in time (my experience was about 80 hours).

Oh by the way, I'm using it with the Technics EPA500 (A501H) tonearm on a SP10MK2 , It make me in heaven.

Again, this is a MM cartridge has MC sound !

9/10 by travismanuel

Incredible value. Very accurate, deep Bass and crisp highs. The cartridge is only initially bright. After 20 hours the cartridge opened up and has become very lucid and beautiful. You will have to spend a lot to beat this cartridge.

10/10 by oatstao

This was a mighty fine Stylus. I had bought it used with an original at-150Ti Cartridge which also included a At150mlx Stylus. the mlx trumps this ti with detail, but the Ti was a better all around cart, very stable on warped records, and also one of the best stylus for 45's . I wish they made these still. One of the rarest carts . Hard to believe 10/10? you have to try it ! For those that actually play their records and if you have many different types of music and vinyl formats..this is a great solution. Better than the 440 series if you want to be digitizing.. but the 440 is better if you are on a budget. I foolishly bend the cant. on this one, it worked fine, then in my effort to 'straighten I destroyed the one and only Ti styli I had.

9/10 by gebafe

For a MM it`s the best I`ve seen.

9/10 by Willem1671

The best I have at the moment. Excellent tracking, crisp highs, overal tonal quality neutral, no distortion, even on heavily mistreated records as it reaches undestroyed parts of the groove. Exellent value for money. Delicate cantilever, take utmost care.

8/10 by bauzace50

Excellent tracking ability. Low noise. Ample staging and imaging. Recognizable AT family sound (slightly bright, enough to make or break preferences), punchy controlled bass. Lucid midrange.

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