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Audio Technica AT-140 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-140

Audio Technica AT-140

10/10 by larrymann

I have the140ML it is directly comparable
to my Shure V15 MR. I could not notice any large difference in sound quality.

10/10 by gbower

The 140LC stylus is the best I've ever heard for this line of AT cartridges.

8/10 by srs735

I recently purchased a NOS AT140LC, once it was broken in I was amazed at how wonderful it sounds. Very little surface noise, nice sound stage, incredible detail, and it doesn't sound thin to me. I've had it playing on a Mitsubishi DP-EC10 and now on a Mitsubishi LT-22. It isn't a MC cart, but I love it

4/10 by JamesTW

I fit ATN140LC to AT150MLX body, the LC tip has tons of details, but I feel the overall sound does too thin !

James Lin.

1/10 by redskins15

1/10 by viny

Zeer mooi klinkend elment.
Strak goede kanaal scheiding strak laag

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