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Audio Technica AT-13 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-13

Audio Technica AT-13

8/10 by glaze182

Own a AT13EaV with original .4 x .7 mil Elliptical. I also have a brand new one in the original box, but have never had to use it as the first one is still working flawlessly. Give it the proper tracking force and it will give you whatever is in the grooves with no distortion to be heard.

9/10 by fiddlefye

A really nice surprise!

10/10 by stratocat

I have owned this cart for at least 28 years, and have loaded it alternately with nude shibata and elliptical styli. I have found it to be very revealing and uncolored. Installed currently on my Technics SP15, and aligned using the Stupid Protractor, it is revealing even more than ever.For an inexpensive cartridge, it is flawless. Sounds far more expensive than it really was, and has aged well. It will exceed expectations when properly installed, and with the stylus upgraded.

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