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Audio Technica AT-125 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-125

Audio Technica AT-125

10/10 by n6htv

The AT 125lc AT 150 are one of my favourite cartridges. the 125LC needle also fits the AT 150 and is quieter than the micro line. detail and flat response are the hallmarks of this cart.

10/10 by UAWProud

What an awesome cartridge this AT125LC is!!!! Holy cow batman!!! I own about 50 cartridges, most of them vintage. This is superior to all of them. It is one of the few modern carts that I can say is better than my best vintage ones--that includes Empire 2000E/III 2000Z, Pickering XSV3000, Stanton 680/681, newer and older Ortofons, many, many Audio Techs from the late 1970s to early 1980s and even a couple of newer Grados. I also recently sampled a Ortofon Red II, which was not bad at all, but this AT125LC is way better than it! I would say paying a few bucks more to get this one is money well-spent.

Here is what I love about can hear every detail clearly. The sounds and tones are so well sorted out. No sound overpowers another unless it was recorded that way. The bass is not too overpowering. The mid-range is there and the highs are super realistic and well-defined. This cartridge creates one awesome soundstage!!!

I previewed this on a Technics SL-1300 table with upgraded surround sound RCA cables, Sansui AU317 amp and a pair of Bose 201 Series II speakers at low volume. Nothing high tech, just good basic old school equipment with one basic upgrade on the table. I have not tried it out on my old Klipsch KG4 speakers yet, but it should be even better given their design.

I played a copy of REOs first album that I bought for a buck a week ago. It is in OK shape, but certainly not mint, although it made it sound that way! Then I got out a nice copy of Led Zeps Song Remains the Same and played side 2, which has some great songs on it. It just delivered in spades! Then on to Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon. It played the best rendition of that album, that I have ever heard!!!

The AT125LC is far better than any other cartridge I currently own!!! Forget about getting a new Shure M97, Ortofon Red or Grado Black. Spend more and get this one or the AT120!!!

9/10 by Electone

One of the most detailed cartridges I have ever listened to. Amazing tracker as well.

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