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Audio Technica AT-12 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-12

Audio Technica AT-12

10/10 by dpfago

I recently began listening to a 40 year-old AT12XE on an equally old BIC 940 turntable, after purchasing a new, higher output Emotiva amp. I was actually stunned by the clarity and warmth of Paul Simon's initial solo album, playing on almost 50 year-old vinyl. This prompted me to begin listening to lots of other old vinyl. I'm pretty astounded by how great this old cartridge still sounds, with its original elliptical stylus, which I originally purchased for about $45 in 1979. Sparkling highs and powerfully punching bass ... wow!

7/10 by alionida

On Technics 1200 sounds really good. Great bass and good treble detail (with original Shibata stylus) but what is seriously lacking is mids. Overall good cart but not very musical. Tracking is great, soundstage decent.

7/10 by Alexis69

Very good cartridge, terrific bass and stable soundstage.In my experience, it works well when set properly at least at 1,75 grams in tracking force.

8/10 by oatstao

a bit splashy and big but that's not bad either. Just not capturing the subtleness of some music like the newer AT150mlx can. It is clear Audio Technica did improve upon something that was already great. I believe AT should still offer the AT12Sa stylus. I consider this stylus to be a standard in my toolbox. Great for critical listening and then great for party playing too. Very strong tracker with heavier bass presence than alot of newer carts. Extreme dynamic range that punches through a tad louder than the more refined AT models. Never balk at this cart/stylus a real benchmark model. The confusing thing is there are SOOO many variations of the Cart body but it's pretty easy to distinguish the stylus. It is white or turns off white yellow in some cases. The original stylus had just the Audio technica logo and the newer and last batches of official stylus made in Japan had both the logo and the name on them. Those don't tend to turn yellow. The stylus diamond is set a bit different on the older to the newer. Both have desireable tapered canteliever, same idea as the Shure telescoping cants. All around a joy to listen to vinyl with. They also seem to last forever if you treat them well.

8/10 by colondav

Great Cartridge, but you have to be carefull mounting and aligning it. Take you time and make sure the vta and the rake angle are as good as you can get them. Once mounted you will need about 50 hours to break in the new stylus. At first may sound a bit harsh and even brittle at the top but that will go away as you play to break in. once broken in fantastic seperation, good sound stage and solid bass. Do yourself a favor and track toward the upper recommended tracking force, the Shibata stylus spreads the weight out so you won't do any damage to the record. After it has been broken in the sound will be impressive, especial with well recorded disks.

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