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Audio Technica AT-11 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-11

Audio Technica AT-11

8/10 by VinylTune

Today is 12/14/2019 and I found this AT-11E cartridge burried under a handful of spare headshells that I have collected over the years. It still had the original green ATN-11E stylus (.3x.7)mil elliptical. I decided to compare it against my AT-100E (black body, red stylus) which has the original AT (.3x.7)mil bonded elliptical stylus.

First off, the AT-11E is no slouch. It performs quite well and is able to reproduce music with almost no distortion, with the exception of some slight sibliance on strong vocal portions of the song (listening to Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove 45rpm). First notable thing in comparison to the AT-100E is that the sound signature is more neautral sounding than the AT100E. The AT100E is more forward biased and sounds more brighter in the higher frequencies and can reproduce the finest details such as with the hi-hats and crash cymbals, but for the AT11E can also reproduce those sounds just not as pronounced as the newer AT100E.

Secondly, I did gain a sense that the AT11E had a bit more dynamic range and it could be because of its extended frequency range of (15-25k)hz, versus the AT100E of (20-20k)hz. It's strange though because the channel separation is 1dB higher for the AT100E clocking 27dB versus the AT11E which was rated at 26dB.

The AT11E was able to reproduce low end frequencies quite well. The drum kicks were nice, full and fairly detailed. Although the AT100E probably added a bit more shine to the kicks than the AT11E. This could also be the result from a finer tip on the stylus (.3x.7) mil vs (.4x.7) mil.

Overall a very decent sounding cartridge. Tracks very well at the minimum recommended mass of 1.5g. If you are just looking for a nice cartridge that can reproduce all of the sounds without seeming a bit overly bright, then the AT11E is the perfect cartridge for you. Plus, replacement stylus are inexpensive for an elliptical. As of today, there is a (.2x.7) mil elliptical stylus on eBay for under $25 shipped. Not sure how accurate it's actually cut, but numbers wise should be able to reproduce even more details than the factory green stylus.

8/10 by wolfie62

Listening right now to a 1978 AT11E that was warehoused for 40 years. 1977 turntable. This is a nice cartridge! Not the level of detail I’m used to, when compared to the ADC XLM MKII. A sort of “dry” sound, in comparison. Not as wide or deep of a soundstage either. But, it’s no slouch of a cart, either! If you pay $50 for one, it will knock the socks off of an AT 95E, Ortofon 2M Red or Blue, or the Shure M97xE, and....styli that are very good are readily available go less than $30 delivered.
Great budget cart! So after 40 years of sitting, mine finally gets a little praise.

8/10 by Demort71

This is a really nice sounding cartridge. It has good tone definition and a nice strong output. It is well balanced to my ears between high, medium and low tones. I have had several of them that I have bought and sold. I see no problem using it as your best cartridge or only cartridge.

It's preferable to a brand new budget cartridge selling for $40-$70. After all it was definitely a step above today's budget cartridge. I would compare it more to a modern cartridge selling for $150-$200. I would pit it against a new Ortofon Red 2m and I think it outplays it. Further, you can buy a replacement needle for under $15. With the Ortofon you buy a whole new cartridge, because you can't replace just the needle as it isn't removable! Same deal if you are considering the new Shure M97. The M97 is basically a throw away cartridge too when the needle goes, as a new needle is almost as much as a new cartridge/needle setup. As I understand the M97 needles wear quick. This one will keep on going needle after needle for pennies!

Yes, Audio Technica made better models than this one, but this one isn't going to disappoint you. If you can pick a good one up for $40-$60 or less, I would snatch it up. They sound fine with the Pfanstiehl replacement needles too. If you are lucky to get a good OEM Audio Technica needle, then that would be preferable to the Pfanstiehl I suppose. Although I have enjoy it with a Pfanstiehl too.

No problems with tracking or anything like that. Perfect for a vintage table with a S-shaped tonearm. I only give it an 8 because I know there are better carts out there, but this one is not junk! As far as its rank on the scale of super value is concerned, it is a 10. Anyone who hears it will compliment you on it. I know you will like it!

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