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Audio Technica AT-100 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-100

Audio Technica AT-100

9/10 by VinylTune

I currently own the latest version of this AT-100E cartridge which features a black polymer housing with a red colored stylus. The stylus is a factory ATN100E elliptical (.3 x .7) mil. The sound characteristic of this particular cart&stylus combo would be described as bright, detailed with ample channel separation. Not the BEST channel separation, but definitely noticible over my other comparable cartridge which is a Shure M91ED with the Hi-Track (.2x.7) mil elliptical stylus. The AT cart also produce low end bass quite well and it's nice and tight, but I have notice that my Shure M91 has a bit more depth in bass than the AT. Also, the AT gives a sense of a slight V-tapered frequency reproduction where it tends to lag a bit behind in the 800hz-2000hz frequency range. Tracking is good and it plays on slightly warped records with no problem. Definitely a very good cartridge, but for the same price you may be able to find the AT120E which I believe might sound better given it has more frequency range and a slight bit more channel separation. The beauty about these AT cartridges is that you can swap the stylus and experiment with the sound. I would be interested to see how a microline stylus from let's say a 440mL would sound on this cartridge, or a 125LC or something similar.

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