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Audio Technica 6006 Reviews

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Audio Technica 6006

Audio Technica 6006

9/10 by mike369

I found this 6006 in my stack of stuff i hadnt seen since the 90's. So.... Its been sitting in my garage a long time in its original box all snug. I dont remember when I bought it or why I took it off my turntable?? anywho. I just got back into vinyl again and had an old sansui 2050c that I mounted this on and fired it up. It does a good job, I only have an AT 5013 and a sansui 31 cartridge to compare to and all 3 dont sound bad at all. I only gave it a 9 because the 5013 seems a bit more alive. but that could be the needle being old, or the 5013 is just a tiny bit better. but it still does a great job. I would buy another in a heart beat and would not sell this one. you just dont find them anymore.

10/10 by dunhillrecords

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