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Audio Technica AT-95 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-95

Audio Technica AT-95

10/10 by dbmtb

10 for value for money. For sure - nothing amazing - but solid performance well exceeding what it costs.

8/10 by Dr Pan K

A tad bright in the upper registers, good tracker and amazing value for money. The rating reflects the vfm, sound wise if I was to A-B the 95 against top notch carts it would be a 4-5/10

9/10 by plaka_king

Very clean sound, balanced, warm and does not overdrive my DIY OpAmp-based preamp (satisfied with 3.5mV output). Lesser distortion even at inner grooves. It even matches my heavy mass arm. For the sound and stability, I want to give it a 10 but design part, it may not reach that mark. For a new user, it's quite difficult to figure out how the needle is to be replaced. If you're used to Shure carts or almost any other, you might break the stylus because 95E's whole needle assembly is to be pulled towards the terminals and NOT on the opposite direction. Audio technica should provide clearer instructions on how to really remove the stylus. I nearly broke my brand new until finally i figured out the proper way. Bottomline, sound is clean from beginning to end. Need to play around more with settings that might improve the soundstage.

8/10 by CliveUK

I bought the AT-95E out of curiosity because of its reputation as an outstanding budget cartridge. Having paid only £25, I was half expecting not to like it. However, from the first record I played, I was pleasantly surprised - amazed, in fact. I was immediately struck by how well balanced it is, with a smooth and relatively detailed treble complemented by a fairly full bass, neither being too forward. I would describe the overall sound as silky, lending itself to extended listening without fatigue. It does not sound as big, dynamic and natural as some of my more expensive cartridges, but I think the dynamics are opening up with use. Despite its small price tag, this is a cartridge that I could easily live with even if it was the only cartridge I owned. I think it is a fairly safe purchase for any new starter in the vinyl world, with its neutral balance that is so easy on the ear. It is amazing value-for-money and thoroughly deserves its reputation.

5/10 by caputto70

5/10 by waynegon

Great sounding cartridge. VFM

9/10 by Vladimir1970

I recently bought AT95E, to replace the old EPC270C.
I can say that AT95E sounds just like my old EPC270C.
Even a little brighter, richer or something.
An ideal cartridge for a very modest price to replace the old EPC270C.

10/10 by snorrewiets

A very good quality cartridge,very warm sound,good channel separation,nice tracking,not critical with old records.Bought for only 40 Euro's,hard to beat for this money...,how do they do that..?

8/10 by Gio_

For the price, nothing beats it! A bit sibilant at first, but can be tamed. Nice dynamics. Again, price considered, it's a no-brainer :o)

8/10 by bobig

Nice voice, balanced sound for begining and little cost.

8/10 by rockdove

A good starter cartridge, enjoyable to listen to. Can sound a little bright in some arms though.

8/10 by rileyj5

A wonderfull sounding cartridge for the price. Balanced amongst the frequencies.

8/10 by albrenn

Simply the best value for money cartridge below $100

10/10 by paolippe

Simply Incredible!!!

10/10 by GuidoK

At value for money it doesn't get any better than this!
Nice bass reproduction, silky high, and incredible detail in channel separation. Nice tracking, low distortion on loud signals.
Easily the best cartridge under 60€ at a fraction of that price.
A must have for any turntable enthusiast on a budget.

9/10 by Nilau

Comes very near highend reproduction. At the price (20€) it's simply unbeatable! Do try one!

9/10 by misterc

Amazing performance for so little money. Partnered with an LP12 and Ittok this really sings.

9/10 by JaS

Great value for money. The AT-95E tracks well and has real drive for a budget cartridge. A touch bright but matched with the right equipment it's an enjoyable listen.

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