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Cartridge Reviews: 2011

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Astatic MF-100 Reviews

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Astatic MF-100

Astatic MF-100

10/10 by drfit2000

In the early 80's I purchased new a Sony Biotracer ps-x600 TT with an Astatic 100 Moving Flux cartridge. We barely used it then put it away for 30 years as we somehow thought digital would replace records (sorry, Vinyl). We've come to our senses and now totally appreciate what a magnificent combination of TT and cartridge they are. Despite lingering in the basement all those years the TT works flawlessly. The Astatic MF100 is one fine cartridge producing a MC-type sound quality with a no-fuss MM output and weight. Played through a Musical Fidelity phono preamp we have found musical heaven.

10/10 by fasted59

simply awesome, listening to Joe Bonamassa right now and it is fantastic. Got lucky on Fleabay and picked it up for $ hours on it. Tight bass and no overemphasis on mids or highs.... Parabolic Shibata square shank nude diamond with a tapered cantilever and tracking at 1.25. Beats up my Grace F9E and Shure V-15 MK3. playing on a modded Thorens TD125/Grace 707

10/10 by dunhillrecords

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