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Arcam P77 Reviews

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Arcam P77

Arcam P77

9/10 by British Raj

Having great fun with mine that came fitted to my 1980s Rega P2. What is more, I got a spare P77 with a broken cantilever and a new E77. I got both P77s re-tipped with Paratrace Low Mass Diamond stylii by the great guys at Expert Stylus and the sound is phenomenal!

10/10 by Pikey

A Classic cartridge with a wonderfully musical tone! I use it with A Jico SAS stylus which is a great match!

9/10 by bauzace50

Apperently discontinued. Very good cartridge. Smooth balanced tone. Ample staging. Nice detailing. Silent humless operation. Ample tracking ability. An excellent cartridge, although now discontinued. It may be still manufactured under a different brand.

9/10 by The Fast

A fantastic cartridge. If you can set correctly, you will obtain the best sound!!! Stuning bass and detailed mid & hight.

6/10 by ipapb

Acceptable cart with smooth and warm sound, like the Shure M75/M91, but dull, poor dynamique and roll of in the treble. Don't pays too much !

7/10 by liviov

7/10 by markcass

Mine dates from 1988 and has the 'profiled' tip made, I believe, by Expert Stylus. Good points: easy to mount firmly, strong bass, quite smooth and spacious sound. Less good: average tracking, can be a little muddled, replacement styli unobtainable.

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