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Allnic Audio Puritas Reviews

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Allnic Audio Puritas

Allnic Audio Puritas

10/10 by Agrippa

For a good few years now I've considered the Ebony TR to be about as good as it gets. I just wrote a review of it and humbly suggest you read it first, because almost everything I say there is also true of the Allnic Puritas (and also because I'm lazy and don't want to write it all again).

In most respects I find the two to be equally excellent, but the Puritas excels in one particular respect: it is more adept at presenting the soundstage and the room in which it is located than any other cartridge I've ever heard. Spin a disc, sit back, relax and close your eyes and you will find yourself transported to the locale in question, be it a smoky Paris jazz club, a church or cathedral or perhaps an Irish pub. If the quality of the recording permits it, the Puritas will take you there.

In terms of agility and the ability to pick up micro-details the Puritas is almost, almost, almost the equal of the Ebony TR, but not quite. The difference is so slight as to be almost non-existent though.

The way in which the Puritas presents tonality and timbre is entirely beyond reproach. It is, quite simply, the best I've ever heard in this regard. Personally I'm unable to identify any meaningful colouration and the way in which it conveys the true character of acoustic instruments is just uncanny. I would wager that no better cartridge exists when it comes to presenting a small jazz ensemble, a chamber orchestra or acoustic folk. For instance.

And the vocals.... My gawd, those vocals.

I thought, and still think, the Ebony TR excels at vocals, but the Puritas' performance in this regard is truly supernatural. It's not so much that vocals sound better, as such, but rather that they sound more real. Much like its unequalled reproduction of musical timbre make instruments appear utterly true to their nature, voices too appear with a reality and humanity which is unprecedented. It doesn't just give you the voice, it gives you the person behind it.

All of which means that musical performances as a whole appears more REAL than with any other cartridge I've had in my system, whether owned or borrowed. And as I've listened to a great many great cartridges up through the years, that's really the greatest praise I can offer.

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