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Acutex M412 Reviews

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Acutex M412

Acutex M412

9/10 by xpycmuk

Dynamic compliance of the cartridge is 24, not 42.

10/10 by oleggrinyov

picky to tonearm weight. If setup is correct, the music flows!

8/10 by tbl_hk

I bought five of these as it was being on sale on the auction site by an Italian seller in early 2015.

For my taste in music, these sound far too bright in the highest octave (10-16KHz) even though I have a dozen preamps to try making a match. Even my Conrad Johnson PV-1 tube preamp makes it sound too light headed, though its bass is by far the most detailed among all my cartridges, incl Grado Ref Sonata 1, Tchnics EPC205C Mk. 3, and Pioneer PN-4MC. Playing Jazz, the 412 STR shines and shouts seduction. Playing orchestral, its character becomes misfitted to the expected timbre, by being super-magnifying on surface noise of LP grooves, and any defects in the recording and editing. Not for vintage analogue recordings.

BTW, its stylus is an interference fit to the cart housing, i.e. it is such a loose fit around the cart base that inadvertantly begs users to generate self-reassurance to its stability in operation. No kidding. Try undoing and then fitting the stylus back and forth.

The 412 STR seems to remind me of a trend in the 1980's when high specs in everything technical were quoted to shout for (to insinuate) quality, when the actual users would be forced to agree lest he/she would be considered ignorant of technical advancements. Think solid state versus tube tech.

10/10 by tom88

10/10 by pbnmjk

One of the best cartridge I have, isn't an expensive, but the sound is detailed and give an excellent frecuency response. The break in take a few more than 1 hour. Is very closed to listen live sound.

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