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Accuphase AC-2 Reviews

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Accuphase AC-2

Accuphase AC-2

10/10 by Just a guy

Had this for 30 years stowed away and recently pulled it out and was totally blown away at the air imaging and 3D effect it produced. And the tracking was fantastic also. Cotter P transformer coupled
Maybe a very slight mid bass dynamics reduction but everything else is so superb who cares ?

9/10 by theaudiohiffle

This was for about a year the favorite cartridge of the staff of the Abso!ute Sound magazine. I first heard it on Harry Pearson's big rig system, and fell in love. I have used it ever since ... it is an excellent tracker and neutral without being cold. It's medium mass makes it suitable for many, many arms (I once upon a time used it mostly in a Syrinx PU-2; most recently in the arm of a Dual 701). It is a low output MC that seems happiest with no less than 50ohms and no more than 100ohms. When I fist got it, I was using a Counterpoint SA-2 headamp, and the dealer who had experimented with loading recommended 57ohms with the SA-2.

The cartridge is virtually identical to the AC-1; you can consider them interchangeable. The AC-3 and later cartridges made some fundamental changes and are accordingly different.

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