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ADC ZLM Reviews

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9/10 by theaudiohiffle

This is a rating of the ZLM stylus on a XLM cartridge body. I don't believe it varies substantially, since ADC pretty much stayed with the same/very similar engines.

All I can say is WOW. I've always loved ADC XLM's over any other MM cartridge, and this stylus (an OEM, btw, purchased from Jilco) just about makes this a perfect cartridge tracked with VTA adjusted at 1.25g. Articulate bass, present and natural midrange, and accurate (if perhaps slightly subdued) highs. This is through an upgraded Audio Research SP-6, so I don't think you can get any better if you love vinyl. What I can tell you it is the first time I've heard a MM cartridge equal or exceed my MM/headamp setup (an Accuphase AC2 via Brown Labs tube headamp). If you should run across a ZLM or a ZLM stylus, grab it. XLM bodies are easily available, and the ZLM on it is magic!

10/10 by DSJR

Where do I start with these? I LOVE the XLM and ZLM series and own a few examples as a not so secret pleasure, but I don't have the Astrion sadly. At the time, the XLM from series II onwards were best buys in most of not all UK reviews and the ZLM was marked down because of the more fancy diamond giving more surface noise and high frequency distortion effects. Well, I've now had three ZLM styli over the years and none of them have done that to me, tonearms being SME, Grace 707 and 70's medium mass Duals... Sure, the sound of all of these is a tiny bit creamy in this digital age, although the Series IV tightens things up with benefit, but the sound is so utterly musical and almost sweet. if you like a delightfully 'analogue' flavour, I recommend the later XLM, ZLM and Phase IV models very highly if your tonearm is moderate to low mass.

9/10 by colondav

This is a very polite cartridge. It is very detailed and solid in the mids and lows but the sound may not be for everyone. This cartridge does not add anything to the music. So if you like crackling highs and slightly over emphasized bottom end this my not work for you. That said this is a great cartridge. Best in a lower mass arm

7/10 by Gareth W

Very civilized, detailed sound. Articulate bass. Absolutely no vices.I had one as a reserve for use in my system, but sadly the last time that I tried it the motor had perished and there was absolutely no output after a few years of disuse.

9/10 by george2000

Excellent MM cartridge - brilliant with low mass tonearm - easily competes with Grace F9E - actually low end is much better. Higly recommended.

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