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ADC XLM Reviews

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8/10 by theaudiohiffle

I have owned one or another XLM's since they were introduced. I recently pulled out my XLMII with original (still good) sylus and installed it in a Dual 704 in my second system. Tracking at one gram. I remember at the time the Shure V15II (and later III) were the rage, and the XLM in my opinion trounced it .... the Shure lacked coherence and depth by comparison, and even adjusted rake angle could not bring it up to the XLM. I haven't listened to late model MM's so I can't compare these, but can only say the XLM was the best of it's time. It still is extraordinarily easy on the ears .... it is tonally correct, a superb tracker, and the soundstage has real depth, with instruments portrayed with realism and depth. If you can find Issue I of The Abso!ute Sound (from 1974) it is reviewed there (I know, because I did a commentary on the main review. It was Harry Pearson's favorite at the time, as well as my own).

10/10 by wolfie62

With a $13 EVG elliptical stylus, this cartridge is still one of the best out there in the MM category! With a $90 LP Gear Vivid Line, this cart is one of the best out there, PERIOD! Very smooth, tactile, graceful, detailed, very WIDE AND TALL soundstage! Effortless sound, but it will amaze you how graceful and detailed the high end is, how neutral the midrange is, and how tight and low the bass reaches on your vinyl! I would proudly pit this cart against ANY modern MM cart out there today! It is far better in all respects than the Ortofon Black. This is now my reference cartridge, to judge my other carts by. These carts are still available on eBay, but you had better hurry, they won't be around forever! The bodies of the XLM MK I, II, or III are all good. Just load up a good stylus from EVG for basic, and upgrade to Jico or LP Gear for high end results!

9/10 by jfrace

I have both the XLM MKII and XLM MKIII Cartridges with OEM stylus.I also upgraded one of the stylus to the shibata as they come with a .2x.7 tip.They are almost as nice as my Ortofon VMS 30E MKII. The shibata tip definitely brings it up a notch. I have not tried the generic replacement stylus on these as I don't need one yet. If you can find a shibata tip,grab it.You will be happy. This was ranked in the top 5 overall MM carts for it's time and outperformed the Stanton and Pickering comparable carts. I track one of them at .8 grams and one at 1.2 grams just for the difference in SQ.

10/10 by meesterlp

One of my all time favorite cartridges that I have owned and played since the 70's. If you like a smooth,clean,clear,relaxed and refined sound... then look no further than an ADC XLM mk2 cartridge.

7/10 by madog99

I dug this out recently and have been using it a bit , set at 1.2gr .It does have a nice relaxed sound , reminds me of Grado / Empire . Too bad a decent replacement stylus is so much money !

10/10 by daddy8083

O.K. Where do I start? Started with one on a DUAL 1209. . an original XLM about 1969/70... then upgraded to a Thorens TD-160 w/ TP-16, then to a SME 3009II (about 1973). Just think, tracking at 1/10 gram (yup, but keep the dustcover down, the slightest breeze would send it skating), I usually had the tracking at 1/2 gram, it was rated for that. The sound was equally glorious playing classical, jazz, or rock. The cart. lasted until 1984, when my daughter broke off the stylus. I bought a XLM-II, and tracking at 1 1/2, the beauty of the sound was gone. I bought an ADC TRX-3, and the glory was back. Among the current carts. are the TRX-3, Shure V-15 Type 3, Ortofon 2M Bronze, Ortofon MC-5X, Audio-Technica ML-440L, among others... and the original XLM would be right there with the best of them.

10/10 by caputto70

Found one on a Marantz 6300 with a fine stylus. ADC XLM MK III. Best MM cartridge I listened to. Better than Ortofon 2M Blue and black. Can you find one with an orginal stylus that is not worn! BUY!

6/10 by jazzwessem

One of the first cartridges I heard in the 70's that impressed me: clear sounding, tight bass, great tracking. My father used one in a Dual 1219. I still have it, with a new original stylus. Use it in a Gyrodec/SME309 along with others.

7/10 by flavio81

Very soft (nice) cymbal sounds and overall a pleasing character to the sound, but the elliptical tip did not extract information from lightly worn records as well as my shibata-tipped cartridges.

Overall a smooth, relaxed sounding cartridge.

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