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ADC PSX-10 Reviews

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8/10 by slobrain

I received this cartridge on a used 1980 Technics SL-B2 belt drive turntable. It needed a new stylus so I ordered a NOS. It’s a .7 conical @1.25g tracking. So how does it sound? Really nice, good clarity. Bass sounds good, highs are nice and not too bright. This is my first ADC cartridge and been using many other cartridges thru-out my 44 years of spinning vinyl. I don't have one particular favorite cartridge but have many ranging from Shure, Ortofon, Audio Technica, Stanton and others. I'm not an audiophile but just a listener of good music. Styles of music, Classic rock from the late 60s thru-out the early 90s.

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