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ADC MC 1.5 Reviews

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ADC MC 1.5

ADC MC 1.5

10/10 by starvinmarvin

The ADC MC1.5 is a superb sounding moving-coil cartridge. When mounted securely in a rigid, non-resonant, low-mass tonearm it produces an extended frequency response, a wide and deep soundstage, and a big dynamic range. This dynamic sound is better than we usually experience with a high compliance model. Bass is clean and punchy, but without obvious bumps in the response. An open, natural midrange is complimented by a crisp, highly detailed treble. Not overly zingy, just precise and natural. hard struck cymbals crash as they should (not splash). High-hat shimmers and dies away naturally. Tracking is exemplary at around 1.25gm to 1.5gm. It won't mistrack or cause excess wear of the record grooves. All in all, a very rhythmic musical presentation. My rock, blues, reggae and jazz albums are exciting to listen to and, trust me, classical music lovers will revel in the detail and resolution of instruments and voices. Pair it with a high quality tonearm such as the Alphason HR100S and it will rock your world.

9/10 by krellpam1

Very nice sounding moving coil cartridge shame ADC stopped making this, titanium cantilever special elliptical stylus and tracks superbly. ADC wanted to make a moving coil that tracked as well as a moving magnet but had the superior sound that MC's offer and they succeded.

5/10 by vacuumar

i buy 2 of these in ebay without know data, only in your page have some data, the sund is very good, the soundstage is great with great bass and sweet higs. a surprise.

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