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ADC 25 Reviews

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ADC 25

ADC 25

8/10 by theaudiohiffle

Ditto meesterip's review. I bought this in, I believe, 1968 in a set that came with three different stylus configurations. Its sound is exactly as he describes it. I kept in use until the XLM and XLMII came along, then it went to a backup turntable and now has been lost forever.

9/10 by meesterlp

A HO/IM late 60's/early 70's design by the legendary Mr. P. Pritchard. Excellent and extended natural bass, warm,natural and inviting mid-range.The HF response is where this cart falls off.While the HF response is actually quite good and organic. It fails to reach the silkiness,liquidity and HF extension of my ADC XLM 2. I actually preferred the sound of the ADC 25 over the XLM overall, whilst using the original NOS styli for both carts by a hair. A warning-do not buy an ADC 25/26/27, or XLM vintage cartridge unless you have a properly working ULM tonearm designed for these ultra high compliance carts.

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