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ADC 220 Reviews

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ADC 220

ADC 220

6/10 by Thierry Noye

I fully agree with the first two reviewers ; I would just add : 1) ADC cartridges are not Mooving Magnet type but Inducted Magnet (close to Mooving Iron type cartridges like some Pickering but quite different from classical MM like Shure)2) it seems you can fit them with the elliptical replacement stylus R20XE

7/10 by MisterW

I had an ADC 220X (not the XE of the picture) put aside for several years because of damaged needle suspension. Suddenly, I decided to buy a replacement needle and voilá... what a nice surprise!
It was mounted on my second setup, a Thorens TD160B with SME3009II and a Musical Fidelity phono stage (M1vinl).
The sound is very natural and detailed and probably will still improve with more hours of use. I am very pleased with its quality for an investment of 20 Euros (needle only).

I have much more expensive MCs and despite the higher detail and dynamic, some MMs have an honesty and a musicality that gives us great pleasure. That lead us to question if it really worth to spend hundreds of Euros in high-end MCs.

7/10 by tubesaurus

This old ADC sounds not bad, and it can still be used today

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