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ADC 10 Reviews

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ADC 10

ADC 10

10/10 by wolfie62

The ADC 10E MKIV is a superb cartridge! Original stylus is a nude .3x.7 elliptical. It presents a dynamic, full, effortless sound with amazing clarity and soundscape. Very holographic. Compliance is 35, recommended tracking force is 0.7 grams; I run mine at 0.8 grams. It tracks warped records with ease, and loves to stay in the groove. I also have ADC XLM MKII Improved carts, 4 Integras, a 220XE, an ADC 26, and an Astrion. The 10E MKIV is just a bit more holographic than the XLM. Some say the 26 is the best; I beg to differ on that! The 10E MKIV bests the 26 in performance in all areas, PLUS, the 10E MKIV has a lower compliance (35 vs 50 for the 26!), allowing it to play very well on a medium-light tonearm. I'm running the 10E on a 1977 Hitachi HT-463; its not a Black Widow arm, yet you get the full affect from the 10E. I have never had the cantilever support fail, either. Original styli are hard to find, but some of the cheap styli for the 990,660, 220XE sound good on this cartridge, just not AS GOOD. This cartridge does rival the later models. I highly recommend this cart if you see one at a good price.

9/10 by scchnoerk

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