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Cartridge Reviews: 1894

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Soundsmith Aida Soundsmith Aida 9/10  by Lcoblentz3
Dynavector Karat Ruby Dynavector Karat Ruby 9/10  by theaudiohiffle
ADC 25 ADC 25 8/10  by theaudiohiffle
Accuphase AC-2 Accuphase AC-2 9/10  by theaudiohiffle
Stanton 881 Stanton 881 10/10  by Wimbo
ADC MC 1.5 ADC MC 1.5 9/10  by krellpam1
Rega Super Bias Rega Super Bias 8/10  by beatconnections
no image available Nagatron 1400 7/10  by Demort71
Signet AM20 Signet AM20 8/10  by amdesign
Ortofon 2M Red Ortofon 2M Red 3/10  by larrymann
Shure M-91 Shure M-91 8/10  by Demort71
Rega Apheta Rega Apheta 8/10  by fredysilva
Audio Technica AT-95 Audio Technica AT-95 9/10  by wrollins
Sumiko Blue Point Sumiko Blue Point 9/10  by Johnny2Bad
Denon DL311 Denon DL311 8/10  by nezbleu
no image available Ortofon Quintet Red 8/10  by VJT 1952
Dual CDS-650 Dual CDS-650 8/10  by htasan016
Empire 2000 Empire 2000 10/10  by Demort71
Nagaoka MP 110 Nagaoka MP 110 8/10  by szoze
Ortofon 2M Blue Ortofon 2M Blue 5/10  by szoze

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