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Sumiko Blue Point Special Sumiko Blue Point Special 8/10  by Jdawg60
Stanton L737 Stanton L737 9/10  by PioneerFan
Ortofon 2M Bronze Ortofon 2M Bronze 10/10  by jason00454
Nagaoka MP 110 Nagaoka MP 110 10/10  by SAMUEL1
AKG P 25 AKG P 25 9/10  by Bamster
Ortofon OMP 30 Ortofon OMP 30 9/10  by JtF
Technics EPC-270C Technics EPC-270C 8/10  by niekos
Ortofon OM 5 Ortofon OM 5 10/10  by Lad2000
Grado Prestige Black Grado Prestige Black 8/10  by jdubbie
Audio Technica CN5625 Audio Technica CN5625 8/10  by jdubbie
Panasonic 205C II S Panasonic 205C II S 10/10  by karlfried
Empire 400 Empire 400 9/10  by phaser78
Transfiguration Phoenix Transfiguration Phoenix 10/10  by Fatmangolf
Technics EPC-U25 Technics EPC-U25 9/10  by meesterlp
Denon DL304 Denon DL304 10/10  by dimucci
no image available Signet MK 111 5/10  by Aleko
no image available Dual ULM 65 9/10  by Larunas
Ortofon 2M Blue Ortofon 2M Blue 10/10  by martin0028g
Philips GP 400 Philips GP 400 7/10  by Doc Diego
Highphonic MC-R5 Highphonic MC-R5 10/10  by uscityrecords

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