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Cartridge Resonance Evaluator

To use the resonance evaluator simply enter your tonearm's effective mass in the text box and press submit.

In the returned table, each column represents the cartridge and fastener weight as denoted at the top of the table, while each row represents the cartridge compliance as denoted by the value in the left most column.

To find the resonant frequency for any combination find the cell that is the intersection of the desired cartridge weight and compliance. That result will be in the cell with the appropriate labels on the top row and left column.

Preferred results are displayed in green (these are the best resonant points).

Tonearm Effective Mass you must enter a valueinvalid formatminimum value 1maximum value 100



Phono cartridge manufacturers publish compliance specifications for different frequencies, typically 0 Hz, 10Hz or 100Hz.

The resonant frequencies calculated by the evaluator are applicable to those given for 10Hz. Please consider the table as a guideline only and do not accept or rule out equipment based on these results.

It is advisable to seek advice from experienced, competent individuals before making any equipment choices.


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